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BFGoodrich All-Terrain T-A KO
All-Terrain T-A KO
  • 3.23
     (648 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $162.99 to $576.99
    Light Truck and SUVs / All Season / All Terrain
    All Season
    All Season

    The all-terrain that KOs the competition. What it is:The tire that invented the all-terrain category remains the race-winning standard for on- and off-road performance, great mileage and a bold look that transforms the appearance of any vehicle you put it on. Who it’s for: Pickup, jeep and SUV owners who want to step up in looks and true all-terrain on- and off-road performance from their original equipment tires.

    • ShoulderLock™ technology (upper sidewall traction bars, 40% wider shoulder grooves): Maximizes "aired down" traction and steering control in deep dirt, mud and sand; provides more aggressive appearance; reduces noise, and minimizes hydroplaning.
    • Longer tread life (up to 12%), enhanced resistance to irregular wear and better traction provided by dual tread radius with advanced profile design that improves stress distribution.
    • Excellent traction and handling on- and off-road; improved traction, greater gravel wear resistance and decreased stone retention all delivered by aggressive, high void all-terrain tread design with interlocking tread elements, innovative siping and stabilized tread center.
    • TriGard® three-ply construction delivers exceptional bruise resistance under the tread and in the sidewall.
    • Precise steering response and cornering control, plus excellent bruise and puncture resistance provided by tread-stiffening two full-width steel belts.
    • Improved ride

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    Sizes & PricesCustomer ReviewsAll BFGoodrich Products
    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    LT195/75R1434557 R99
    LT215/75R1502821 S100
    LT235/75R1529274 S104
    LT215/70R1608687 R100
    LT215/70R1642014 R100
    LT225/70R1679772 R102
    LT225/70R1602204 R102
    LT225/75R1610761 S115
    LT235/70R1672870 S104
    LT235/85R1610416 S120
    LT245/70R1603219a S113
    LT245/75R1611379 S120
    LT255/70R1678762 S115
    LT265/70R1642637 S117
    LT265/70R1602977 S117
    LT265/75R1620679 S123
    LT275/70R1694223 S119
    LT285/75R1677118 R122
    LT285/75R1649291 Q126
    LT295/75R1692042 R123
    LT305/70R1633393 R124
    LT315/75R1603643 Q121
    LT235/80R1727039 R120
    LT245/70R1734162 R119
    LT245/75R1710209 R121
    LT265/65R1701616 S120
    LT265/70R1712665 R112
    LT265/70R1772981 R121
    LT265/70R1755086 R121
    LT275/65R1726795 S121
    LT275/70R1702458 R121
    LT285/70R1725105 R121
    LT285/70R1737130 R121
    LT305/65R1700875 R121
    LT315/70R1737614 S121
    LT315/70R1754142 R121
    LT315/70R1766659 R121
    LT265/65R1802625 R122
    LT275/65R1802818 R123
    LT275/70R1815465 R125
    LT285/65R1867553 R125
    LT305/65R1835237 R124
    LT325/65R1805968 R127
    LT275/65R2011420 S126
    LT285/55R2030710 T117
    LT285/65R2033774 S127
    LT305/55R2030836 S121
    LT325/60R2038941 R126
    LT325/50R2235959 S122
    LT325/60R2225271 S123
    30X9.50R1516177 S104
    30x9.50R1596888 S104
    33X9.50R1532374 R113
    31x10.50R1503119 S109
    31X10.50R1589796 S109
    33X10.50R1563540 R114
    32X11.50R1561107 R113
    33X12.50R1509681 R108
    35X12.50R1549774 Q113
    33X12.50R16.530537 R118
    35X12.50R16.556149 R123
    37X12.50R1712411 R124