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BFGoodrich Commercial T-A All-Season
Commercial T-A All-Season
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    Price Range:  USD $177.99 to $249.99
    Light Truck and SUVs / All Season / Highway
    All Season
    All Season

    State of-the-art, computer aided tread design provides outstanding snow traction while offering predictable handling and a very quiet ride. Branded M&S for mud and snow.

    • Asymmetric tread pattern permits unsurpassed range of capability from snow traction to true Z-rated performance.
    • Extra-Wide circumferential grooves provide superior water evacuation even in hard cornering where narrow grooves can close.
    • Smaller, highly siped interior tread blocks maximize wet and snow performance.
    • ETEC System replaces conventional circumference cap ply with continous spiral wrap designed for the specific needs of ultra-high perfomance driving conditions.
    • Larger outer shoulder tread blocks maximize cornering force and improve predictability and driver "feel" at the limit.
    • Transitional block element design provides stability at the edge of the element for greater predictabilityduring turn-in and cornering.
    • Two Steel Belts contribute strength and high performance endurance.
    • Polyester carcass construction provides an extra measure of ride comfort.
    • Z Speed Rated capable of speeds over 240 km/h.
    • 80,000 limited treadware warranty

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