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BFGoodrich Radial Long Trail T-A
Radial Long Trail T-A
  • 3.54
     (188 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $125.99 to $250.99
    Light Truck and SUVs / All Season / Highway
    All Season
    All Season

    BFGoodrich T/A has drawn on its extensive light truck heritage to decelop the Radial Long Trail T/A. The Radial Long Trail T/A is designed for today's Sport Utility Vehicles, vans and pick ups. It delivers excellent mileage, a smooth quiet ride, plus the performance you would expect from BFGoodrich T/A.

    • High strength bead package withstands rugged light truck performance requirements.
    • 2-Ply Polyester Carcass absorbs road shock, resits flat spotting and controls sidewall flex for smooth ride.
    • 2 Full Width Belts, provide bruise and puncture resistance. Stiffen tread for better steering response, more cornering force and improved grip.
    • Asymmetric All-Season Tread Design stabilized outside shoulder optimizes dry traction, minimizing highway noise. Aggressive, open-shoulder design with full tread depth for excellent wet/snow traction plus excellent mileage.
    • Dual Compound Tread hard tread rubber fir long life, drability . Cooler running undertread reduces heat buildup.

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