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Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position
Potenza RE970AS Pole Position
  • 3.54
     (4 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $160.99 to $405.99
    Passenger Cars / All Season / Ultra High Performance
    All Season
    All Season

    Enjoy a new level of confidence with the Bridgestone Potenza™ RE970AS Pole Position™. With this tire, Bridgestone delivers an ideal blend of ultra-high performance handling with the added benefits of enhanced wear and all-season traction. Thanks to advanced technologies, including a silica-rich performance compound, "stealth" tread elements and 3D siping, this tire will help you take the road by storm

    • Continuous Center Rib for steering responsiveness
    • 3D Siping for improved braking and traction
    • Fottprint optimized for even load distribution to enhance wear performance

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    Sizes & PricesCustomer ReviewsAll Bridgestone Products
    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    205/55R16123565 W91
    225/50R16123582 W92
    215/45R17 XL104644 W91
    215/50R17 XL105154 W95
    225/45R17 XL105103 W91
    225/50R17 XL105137 W98
    235/45R17 XL105086 W97
    235/50R17105120 W96
    245/40R17123361 W91
    245/45R17 XL105069 W99
    215/45R18139698 W93
    225/40R18 XL105001 W92
    225/45R18105035 W91
    225/50R18123514 W95
    235/40R18 XL123395 W95
    245/40R18 XL104984 W97
    245/45R18 XL105018 W100
    255/35R18 XL123701 W94
    255/40R18 123548 W99
    255/45R18123531 W99
    265/35R18104695 W97
    265/40R18123497 W101
    275/35R18104678 W95
    225/40R19 XL123463 W93
    235/35R19 XL104627 W91
    245/35R19 XL104610 W93
    245/40R19148198 W93
    245/45R19123446 W98
    255/35R19 XL123718 W96
    255/40R19 XL123429 W100
    275/35R19123684 W96
    275/40R19123480 W101
    295/30R19 XL104508 W100
    275/35R20 XL123599 W102
    285/30R20 XL104576 W99