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    Price Range:  USD $96.99 to $220.99
    Passenger Cars / All Season / Touring
    All Season
    All Season

    The CS4 Touring™ is Cooper´s premium luxury touring tire designed for drivers who want optimum ride comfort, sporty handling, all-season traction and attractive styling and performance in a touring tire that will appeal to any tire buyer and drivers of all ages. The CS4 Toring™ size coverage accommodates a wide range of vehicles from sport models and sedans to SUVs and CUVs

    • Variable Density Nylon Technology. Nylon is strategically placed in a manner to resist flat spotting for improved ride quality and balanced, even tread wear for long life.
    • Innovative 5-Rib (H/V-Rated) and 4-Rib (T-Rated) All-Season Tread Design. The innovative tread design incorporates numerous features to provide for excellent stability, traction and tread wear.
    • Coupled Silica Tread Compound. The chemically coupled silica and carbon black compound allows for superior wet traction without sacrificing tread wear. An optimized polymer matrix allows the compound to remain pliable at lower temperatures while contributing to lower rolling resistance.
    • Tapered Circumferential Sipes Rib (H/V-Rated). The tapered circumferential sipes allow for increased capillary action to remove water from the tread area to reduce wet stop distances and provide extra grip in rain and snow.
    • Open Shoulder Design (T-Rated). The open shoulder design utilizes lateral slots and strategic siping to create biting edges for all-season traction, improved wet cornering performance and excellent handling in snow.

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