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    Price Range:  USD $91.99 to $225.99
    Passenger Cars / Winter / Premium

    The Weather-Master S/T 2™ is Cooper´s premium studdable winter passenger tire designed for drivers looking for excellent traction on snow and ice. The Weather-Master S/T 2™ line has extensive size coverage that fits a wide range of automobiles, old and new, foreign and domestic.

    • High Traction Tread Design. The intricate tread pattern balances winter traction and a smooth, quiet ride. The deep lateral and notched circumferential grooves provide excellent evacuation of water and slush from the tread contact patch.
    • Patented "Snow Groove" Design Technology. Provides biting edges for excellent snow and ice traction without reducing tread element stiffness. The snow groove enhances the retention of snow in the outer circumferential grooves to capitalize on the higher traction characteristics of "snow on snow" versus "snow on rubber".
    • "D Squared" Sipe Technology (Density x Depth). Incorporates a dense zig-zag sipe pattern that further enhances winter performance while maintaining excellent wet traction. Variable sipe depth maintains element stability while optimizing winter performance.

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    Sizes & PricesCustomer ReviewsAll Cooper Products
    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    155/80R132601C S79
    155/80R132680C S79
    175/70R132620C S82
    175/65R142641C T82
    P185/65R142642C T86
    P185/70R142623C S88
    185/75R142605C S89
    P185/75R142681C S89
    195/60R142632C T86
    P195/70R142624C S91
    195/75R142606C S92
    205/70R142688C S95
    P205/75R142683C S95
    205/75R142607C S95
    215/70R142615C S96
    215/70R142690C S96
    P185/60R152634C T84
    P185/65R152651C T88
    P195/55R152664C T85
    P195/60R152635C T88
    P195/65R152652C T91
    205/55R152665C T88
    P205/60R152636C T91
    P205/65R152653C T94
    P205/70R152689C S96
    P205/75R152684C S97
    P215/60R152637C T94
    P215/65R152654C T96
    P215/70R152691C S98
    P215/75R152685C S100
    P225/70R152692C S100
    P205/50R162667C T87
    P205/55R162661C T91
    P205/60R162660C T92
    205/65R162646C T95
    P215/55R162662C T97
    P215/60R162639C T95
    P215/65R162655C T98
    P225/50R162668C T92
    P225/60R162640C T98
    P235/60R162644C T100
    P235/65R162648C T103
    P215/50R172666C T91
    P215/55R172649C T94
    P215/60R172628C T96
    P215/65R172647C T99
    P225/45R172669C T94
    P225/50R172656C T94
    P225/55R172675C T97
    P225/60R172633C T99
    P225/65R172650C T102
    P235/45R172670C T94
    P235/55R172676C T99
    P225/60R182645C T100