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    Price Range:  USD $229.99 to $390.99
    Light Truck and SUVs / All Season / All Terrain
    All Season
    All Season

    The Cooper Zeon LTZ™ was developed as a hybrid between a sport truck tire and an all-terrain tire. The aggressiveness of the Zeon LTZ™ can tame any road surface while providing excellent ride and handling capabilities.

    • All Terrain Design. This modern design features a combination of sweeping lateral grooves and functionally patterned tread elements to provide dependable all-terrain performance. The optimized pitch sequence helps provide even tread wear and reduced tread related noise.
    • Lug Tie-In Zones. These zones incorporate raised, serrated "lug-locks" between the tread block elements to reinforce the tread pattern for enhanced steering and traction.
    • Alternately Scalloped Shoulder Lugs. Shoulder lugs are alternately scalloped and offset for improved traction on soft surfaces like mud and sand.
    • Long "Two Z" Element Siping. The use of dual "Z"-shaped sipes on each tread lug help provide for long, dependable traction in all-weather conditions while balancing tread element stiffness for tread wear and handling.

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