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Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT
SP Sport Maxx TT
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    Price Range:  USD $174.99 to $335.99
    Passenger Cars / Summer / Maximum Performance

    SP SPORT MAXX TT - Precision powered by KEVLAR

    Dunlop presents the new SP Sport Maxx TT, the new generation of Ultra High Performance tires, specially designed to bring performance to a higher level. Combining the most innovative materials like the usage of Kevlar in its apex and the new compound with Motorsport nanoparticles, with the most recent Touch Technology features, the new Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT delivers enhanced road feedback and driving precision.


    The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT combination of Kevlar apex construction, motorsport derived compound and the different Touch Technology features, MRT, Flatter Tread Profile, Asymmetric tread design and variable land to sea ratio and a specific bead seat system, allows drivers to get more precise driving and ultimately the most of their driving experience.


    Used in high tech applications where an extraordinary ratio between strength and weight and high temperature resistance is required, Kevlar created by DuPont, is the most popular product name of aramid fibre, a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibres. With an innovative technical construction, Kevlar fibre has been added to the apex compound. Being arranged in a multidirectional manner, the reinforcement works in both longitudinal and lateral directions, leading to improved driving precision.

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