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Dunlop SP Sport Signature
SP Sport Signature
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    Price Range:  USD $111.99 to $279.99
    Passenger Cars / All Season / High Performance
    All Season
    All Season

    Dunlop SP Sport Signature High Performance All-Season tire.

    A new all-season performance tire from Dunlop combines the wet-road gripping power of Hydro-Paddles and a new Dry Performance Sector for enhanced cornering on twisting country roads. The new Dunlop SP Sport Signature® performance tire, a cousin to the brand's family-car Signature brand, is "built for the growing numbers of performance drivers who demand all-season traction and enhanced tread life to go with cornering G-forces." Located inboard, the Wet Performance Sector features Dunlop's Hydro-Paddle Technology, a hydrodynamic feature that literally helps pump water through a narrow channel and away from the tire, silica tread compounds that help maintain grip on wet surfaces, and full-depth sipes for enhanced water evacuation. Outboard, the tire's Dry Performance Sector uses a solid shoulder area for enhanced dry handling, straight sipes for a stiff solid contact surface and a solid center rib for enhanced road feedback for stability and driving confidence.

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