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Dunlop Winter Sport 4D
Winter Sport 4D
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    Price Range:  USD $137.99 to $322.99
    Passenger Cars / Winter / High Performance

    Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D High Performance winter (snow) tires were developed for sports cars, coupes and sedans that come from the factory equipped with low profile tires mounted on large diameter alloy wheels. Designed to perform in cold winter temperatures, SP Winter Sport 4D tires provide traction on dry, wet, slushy and snow-covered roads.

    • SP Winter Sport 4D tires utilize a motorsport derived silica-plus tread compound that delivers high levels of grip, particularly on wet roads and in low temperatures.
    • Directional tread design featuring long V-shaped grooves that help resist hydroplaning to maintain good traction on wet and slush-covered roads.
    • 4D Sipe System combines their 3D sipe technology with transverse sipes to create independent micro-blocks that generate better footprint pressure distribution to enhance snow handling and cornering grip.
    • Twin steel belts reinforced by Dunlop´s Joint Less Band (JLB) to optimize the contact patch shape and minimize deformation at high speed.
    • Audi and BMW are among the OE marquees already associated with this newly launched product.

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