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Falken Azenis FK-453
Azenis FK-453
  • 4.07
     (17 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $129.99 to $382.99
    Passenger Cars / Summer / Ultra High Performance

    The AZENIS FK453 is the latest generation of Falken´s steadfast Ultra High Performance tire, available in a wide array of diameters, from 17-inch to 22-inch, along with staggered widths, making this tire versatile, resourceful, dynamic, and powerful. In addition, FK453 features the latest developments in noise-absorption technology, and incorporates a high silica compound that presents better dry and wet grip. The multiple nylon-reinforced layers allow for better high-speed stability, an important asset based on the driver´s exacting demands.

    • A NEW SILICA COMPOUND for better dry and wet grip.
    • SPECIAL "FALKEN FEATURE" F-ARROW IDENTITY brand new sideway that enhances the overall look of the tire.
    • THREE WIDE CIRCUMFERENTIAL GROOVES effectively evacuate water and significantly improve hydroplaning resistance for outstanding wet handling.
    • MULTIPLE NYLON REINFORCED LAYERS designed for better high speed stability, plus new optimized casing profile offers better contact with the road for increased handling, particularly in the area of lane change maneuvers.
    • ASYMMETRIC TREAD DESIGN with large outside shoulder blocks, provide enhanced cornering and better braking traction while reducing tire noise.

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    Sizes & PricesCustomer ReviewsAll Falken Products
    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    205/40ZR17 XL28603707300-AA-AW84
    205/50ZR17 XL28605701300-AA-AY93
    215/45ZR17 XL28605704300-AA-AY91
    225/45ZR17 XL28605706300-AA-AY94
    225/50ZR17 XL28605772300-AA-AY98
    235/40ZR17 XL28605702300-AA-AY94
    235/45ZR17 XL28605710300-AA-AY97
    235/50ZR17 XL28603773300-AA-AW100
    235/55ZR17 XL28603725300-AA-AW103
    245/40ZR17 XL28605709300-AA-AY95
    245/45ZR17 XL28605712300-AA-AY99
    255/40ZR17 XL28605703300-AA-AY98
    215/35ZR18 XL28605882300-AA-AY84
    215/40ZR18 XL28605813300-AA-AY89
    215/45ZR18 XL28605899300-AA-AY93
    225/40ZR18 XL28605802300-AA-AY92
    225/45ZR18 XL28605812300-AA-AY95
    235/40ZR18 XL28605816300-AA-AY95
    235/45ZR18 XL28605895300-AA-AY98
    245/35ZR18 XL28605804300-AA-AY92
    245/40ZR18 XL28605806300-AA-AY97
    245/45ZR18 XL28605810300-AA-AY100
    255/35ZR18 XL28605801300-AA-AY94
    255/40ZR18 XL28605890300-AA-AY99
    255/45ZR18 XL28605811300-AA-AY103
    265/35ZR18 XL28605805300-AA-AY97
    265/40ZR18 XL28605821300-AA-AY101
    275/35ZR18 XL28605808300-AA-AY99
    285/35ZR18 XL28605809300-AA-AY101
    295/30ZR18 XL28605814300-AA-AY98
    215/35ZR19 XL28605913300-AA-AY85
    225/35ZR19 XL28605909300-AA-AY88
    225/45ZR19 XL28605937300-AA-AY96
    235/35ZR19 XL28605906300-AA-AY91
    245/35ZR19 XL28605908300-AA-AY93
    245/40ZR19 XL28605911300-AA-AY98
    245/45ZR19 XL28605904300-AA-AY102
    255/40ZR19 XL28605907300-AA-AY100
    265/30ZR19 XL28605905300-AA-AY93
    265/35ZR19 XL28605938300-AA-AY98
    275/30ZR19 XL28605910300-AA-AY96
    275/35ZR19 XL28605902300-AA-AY100
    285/30ZR19 XL28605939300-AA-AY98
    295/30ZR19 XL28605940300-AA-AY100
    305/30ZR19 XL28605941300-AA-AY102
    225/30ZR20 XL28605007300-AA-AY85
    235/30ZR20 XL28605002300-AA-AY88
    245/30ZR20 XL28605008300-AA-AY90
    245/35ZR20 XL28605014300-AA-AY95
    245/40ZR20 XL28605003300-AA-AY99
    255/30ZR20 XL28605011300-AA-AY92
    255/35ZR20 XL28605004300-AA-AY97
    255/45ZR20 XL28605006300-AA-AY105
    275/30ZR20 XL28605001300-AA-AY97
    275/35ZR20 XL28605005300-AA-AY102
    285/30ZR20 XL28605013300-AA-AY99
    245/30ZR22 XL28605202300-AA-AY92
    255/30ZR22 XL28605203300-AA-AY95
    295/25ZR22 XL28605009300-AA-AY97