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Falken Eurowinter HS439
Eurowinter HS439
  • 4.13
     (44 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $95.99 to $259.99
    Passenger Cars / Winter / High Performance

    Responsive Winter Performance Tire for demanding weather conditions

    In challenging weather conditions, the Eurowinter HS439 presents improved winter driving predictability and traction consistency. A new silica compound ensures tread flexibility, maximizing tread life, and multi-angled sipes allow for better control in ice and snow. The HS439 is extremely versatile as its unique UHP-inspired asymmetric tread pattern maintains high-speed stability in dry conditions, while four high volume circumferential grooves expel water, slush and packed snow when driving in adverse conditions. For owners of performance coupes, sedans, and wagons, the Eurowinter HS439 is perfect for winter and demanding weather conditions, whether wet or dry.

    • New Silica compound offers superior tread life and performance across multiple temperature ranges
    • Multi-angled sipes improve grip in ice and snow
    • Asymmetric tread design provides excellent performance and stability in wet and dry conditions
    • Four high volume circumferential grooves evacuate water, slush and packed snow for outstanding winter traction
    • Maximum road surface contact

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    205/50R17 XL28432802 V93
    215/60R1728-431-662 H96
    215/65R1728-431-726 H99
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    225/50R17 XL28432803 V98
    225/65R1728431804 H102
    235/45R17 XL28432805 V97
    235/55R17 XL28431817 H103
    235/60R1728431717 H102
    235/65R1728431815 H108
    245/45R17 XL28432865 V99
    255/40R17 XL28432796 V98
    255/60R1728431806 H106
    225/40R18 XL28432892 V92
    225/60R1828431826 H100
    235/40R18 XL28432903 V95
    235/50R18 XL28432902 V101
    235/55R1828431906 H100
    235/65R1828431790 H110
    235/65R1828-431-790 H110
    245/45R18 XL28432905 V100
    265/35R18 XL28432806 V97
    235/55R19 XL28432970 V105