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General Altimax Arctic
Altimax Arctic
  • 4.35
     (89 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $78.99 to $198.99
    Passenger Cars / Winter / Premium

    General Altimax Arctic Winter Touring Tire

    The Altimax Arctic has unique grooves and sipes, combined with a modern compound, offering high performance at low temperatures. Multi-Angle Sipe System: 270 degrees of sipes with biting edges that maximize traction in any direction of travel. Directional Pattern with Center Stability Rib: Water evacuation is maximized and straight-line stability is enhanced. Reactive Contour Technology (RCT): contour reacts to different road conditions to maintain optimum contact with road surface throughout the life of the tire. All-Weather Dual Tread Compound: Exceptional cold-weather flexibility and excellent wet traction.

    • The General Altimax Arctic winter tire has a multi-angle sipe system which enhances traction in high-angled turns and straight-ahead driving
    • Directional tread pattern amplifies water evacuation
    • All-weather dual tread compound maintains cold-weather flexibility and provides excellent wet weather traction
    • Solid centre rib provides straight-line stability
    • Utilizes Reactive Contour Technology to help maintain grip on all surfaces
    • 270° of sipes with biting edges that enhance traction in any direction of travel
    • Can be used with studs for enhanced grip

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    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    175/70R1315486000000 Q82
    175/65R1415486110000 Q82
    185/65R1415486120000 Q86
    185/70R1415486100000 Q88
    185/60R1515486160000 Q84
    185/65R1515486130000 Q88
    195/55R1515486180000 Q85
    195/60R1515486170000 Q88
    195/65R1515486140000 Q91
    205/60R1515486220000 Q91
    205/65R1515486150000 Q94
    205/70R1515486200000 Q96
    215/60R1515453470000 Q94
    215/65R1515454580000 Q96
    215/70R1515486300000 Q98
    225/70R1515455980000 Q100
    205/55R1615486260000 Q91
    205/60R1615486230000 Q92
    215/55R1615486270000 Q93
    215/60R1615486240000 Q95
    215/65R1615486210000 Q98
    215/70R1615531580000 Q100
    225/55R1615486280000 Q95
    225/60R1615486250000 Q98
    225/70R1615486190000 Q102
    235/60R1615486290000 Q100
    235/70R1615531030000 Q106
    235/75R1615456980000 Q108
    245/75R1615457730000 Q111
    255/70R1615457960000 Q111
    265/75R1615458960000 Q116
    205/50R17 XL15486320000 Q93
    215/45R1715451480000 Q87
    215/50R1715451570000 Q91
    215/55R1715452050000 Q94
    215/60R1715453480000 Q96
    215/65R1715489010000 Q98
    225/45R1715486330000 Q91
    225/55R1715455000000 Q97
    225/60R1715489000000 Q99
    225/65R1715488990000 Q102
    235/45R1715486340000 Q94
    235/55R1715455990000 Q99
    235/65R17 XL15486310000 Q108
    245/65R1715456990000 Q107
    245/70R1715457460000 Q110
    265/65R1715457980000 Q112
    265/70R1715458120000 Q115