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General Grabber HTS
Grabber HTS
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    Price Range:  USD $125.99 to $295.99
    Light Truck and SUVs / All Season / Highway
    All Season
    All Season

    From there, General Tire engineers developed four key technologies, which provide a synergy of comfort, durability, and performance.

    The Grabber HTS combines the synergy of style, durability and performance for a tire that exhibits excellent road manners and a long life.

    • DURAGEN: Ultra high strength steel belts, micro-fiber casing reinforcements, and a broad contour result in a strong, durable tire that provides even treadwear for longer mileage and confidence in challenging driving conditions.
    • ADAPTIVE PERFORMANCE: Response Grooves, Stabilink Bars and three kinds of siping result in an excellent all-season tire that promotes enhanced steering response and provides reliable performance when braking, accelerating and cornering.
    • COMFORT/BALANCE: An all-new tread cushioning system and noise-capturing pockets which provide a quieter, more comfortable ride without sacrificing responsiveness.
    • ECO RIDE: This latest-generation tread compound significantly improves fuel economy by reducing rolling resistance, and is designed to minimize CO2 emissions to support a cleaner, greener planet.

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