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Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 (K120)
Ventus V12 evo2 (K120)
  • 4.97
     (3 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $106.99 to $334.99
    Passenger Cars / Summer / Ultra High Performance

    The Ventus V12 evo2 is designed for drivers who like to express their own personality and style while experiencing outstanding traction and handling performance. The sophisticated sidewall design of the Ventus V12 evo2, along with its advanced tread pattern design, offers drivers of sports cars, coupes and sedans the fresh style they desire.

    • The Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI) siping system offers drivers an easy way to check tire alignment by comparing tire wear on both the inside and outside of the tire´s contact patch.
    • Aqua jet provides efficient water evacuation from the center of the tire´s contact patch for improved wet condition performance.
    • Cooling system improves the dispersion of heat generated during use and helps to evacuate water from the tire´s contact patch.
    • Stealth Technology - unique wing tip design reduces noise by incorporating beveled tread block edges to lower unwanted surface impact sound.
    • An aero-dynamic design, which incorporates rectangular dimples in the tire´s sidewall, helps to minimize noise and vibration by reducing airflow turbulence while driving.
    • Tire structure includes: High grip silica compound; Jointless full cover; Wide steel belt layer; High density polyester carcass; High stiffness bead filler; Strong single strand bead wire.

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    205/55ZR16 XL1015379320-AA-AW94
    205/45ZR17 XL1015410320-AA-AW88
    205/50ZR17 XL1015234320-AA-AY93
    215/45ZR17 XL1015401320-AA-AY91
    215/50ZR17 XL1015690320-AA-AW95
    225/45ZR17 XL1015402320-AA-AY94
    225/50ZR17 XL1015689320-AA-AY98
    235/45ZR17 XL1015237320-AA-AY97
    245/40ZR17 XL1015239320-AA-AY95
    245/45ZR17 XL1015240320-AA-AY99
    255/40ZR17 XL1015413320-AA-AY98
    215/40ZR18 XL1015242320-AA-AY89
    215/45ZR18 XL1015243320-AA-AY93
    225/40ZR18 XL1015414320-AA-AY92
    225/45ZR18 XL1015415320-AA-AY95
    235/40ZR18 XL1015416320-AA-AY95
    235/50ZR18 XL1015247320-AA-AY101
    245/35ZR18 XL1015248320-AA-AY92
    245/40ZR18 XL1015418320-AA-AY97
    245/45ZR18 XL1015250320-AA-AY100
    255/35ZR18 XL1015251320-AA-AY94
    255/40ZR18 XL1015252320-AA-AY99
    255/45ZR18 XL1015253320-AA-AY103
    265/35ZR18 XL1015417320-AA-AY97
    265/40ZR18 XL1015255320-AA-AY101
    275/35ZR18 XL1015256320-AA-AY99
    275/40ZR18 XL1015257320-AA-AY103
    285/35ZR18 XL1015258320-AA-AY101
    225/35ZR19 XL1015281320-AA-AY88
    225/40ZR19 XL1015282320-AA-AY93
    225/45ZR19 XL1015283320-AA-AY96
    235/35ZR19 XL1015419320-AA-AY91
    245/35ZR19 XL1015285320-AA-AY93
    245/40ZR19 XL1015286320-AA-AY98
    245/45ZR19 XL1015287320-AA-AY102
    255/30ZR19 XL1015288320-AA-AY91
    255/35ZR19 XL1015420320-AA-AY96
    255/40ZR19 XL1015290320-AA-AY100
    255/45ZR19 XL1015291320-AA-AY104
    265/30ZR19 XL1015292320-AA-AY93
    265/35ZR19 XL1015293320-AA-AY98
    275/30ZR19 XL1015294320-AA-AY96
    275/35ZR19 XL1015295320-AA-AY100
    275/40ZR19 XL1015296320-AA-AY105
    285/30ZR19 XL1015297320-AA-AY98
    285/35ZR19 XL1015298320-AA-AY103
    295/30ZR19 XL1015299320-AA-AY100
    305/30ZR19 XL1015300320-AA-AY102
    325/30ZR19 XL1015301320-AA-AY105
    245/30ZR20 XL1015364320-AA-AY90
    245/35ZR20 XL1015365320-AA-AY95
    245/40ZR20 XL1015366320-AA-AY99
    245/45ZR20 XL1015367320-AA-AY103
    255/30ZR20 XL1015368320-AA-AY92
    255/35ZR20 XL1015369320-AA-AY97
    255/45ZR20 XL1015370320-AA-AY105
    275/30ZR20 XL1015371320-AA-AY97
    275/35ZR20 XL1015372320-AA-AY102
    285/30ZR20 XL1015373320-AA-AY99
    305/25ZR20 XL1015374320-AA-AY97
    245/35ZR21 XL1015375320-AA-AY96
    275/30ZR21 XL1015758320-AA-AY98