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Michelin Pilot Sport PS2
Pilot Sport PS2
  • 4.57
     (80 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $242.99 to $745.99
    Passenger Cars / Summer / Ultra High Performance

    Drawing inspiration from Formula One design, the new Michelin® Pilot® Sport PS2 tire represents a quantum leap in tire design and engineering. It outperforms not only its predecessor in every category, but all other Michelin® high performance summer tires as well, both in wet and dry conditions. An infusion of the most advanced tire-making technologies and techniques, from the highly guarded C3M™ production process to a Formula One inspired four-groove tread design, the Michelin® Pilot® Sport PS2 is stretching the very limits of what an ultra-high performance tire can achieve.

    • Reduced road noise due to an acoustically tuned asymmetrical tread pattern.
    • Superior handling and grip in both wet and dry condtions as a result of an asymmetrical tread design featuring more grooves for water evacuation on the inside shoulder and massive tread blocks for max handling on the outside shoulder.
    • Maximum grip and handling without a sacrifice of tread life as a result of a stickier tread compound.
    • Precision handling and control in high speed cornering thanks to the Formula One inspired four-groove tread design which provides greater stability in the tread and contact area under extreme conditions.
    • Uniform shape at high-speeds, improved ride quality, steering precision and high speed durability due to a size-optimized, precisely placed individual Aramid/nylon hybrid filaments via the patented C3M Technology™ manufacturing process.
    • Extreme predictability in wet and dry max handling conditions through the use of highly specialized dual side-by-side tread co

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    Sizes & PricesCustomer ReviewsAll Michelin Products
    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    205/50ZR17 N318655220-AA-AY89
    205/55ZR17 N163022220-AA-AY91
    225/45ZR17 M081556220-AA-AY91
    225/45ZR1783653 Y91
    235/50ZR17 N037691220-AA-AY96
    235/50ZR17 N152497220-AA-AY96
    245/45ZR17 ZP (RUN FLAT)87984220-AA-AY95
    255/40ZR1711435 Y94
    205/40ZR18 REINF48586220-AA-AY86
    225/40ZR18 ZP (RUN FLAT)28579220-AA-AW88
    225/40ZR18 N326029220-AA-AY88
    225/40ZR18 XL93617220-AA-AY92
    225/40ZR18 ZP (RUN FLAT)84568220-AA-AY88
    225/40ZR18 REINF MO (Mercedes)62802220-AA-AY92
    225/45ZR18 XL (BMW)38861220-AA-AY95
    235/40ZR18 N413469220-AA-AY91
    235/40ZR18 N349482220-AA-AY91
    235/50ZR1847149 Y97
    245/35ZR18 XL M092789220-AA-AY92
    245/40R18 M054549220-AA-AY93
    245/40R18 ZP (RUN FLAT)78156220-AA-AY93
    245/40ZR18 M0 (Mercedes)78337220-AA-AY93
    245/40ZR18 MO84898220-AA-AZ93
    245/40R18 XL81619220-AA-AY97
    255/35ZR18 ZP (RUN FLAT)15999220-AA-AY90
    255/35ZR18 ZP (RUN FLAT)01887220-AA-AW90
    255/35ZR18 XL45327220-AA-AY94
    255/35ZR18 REINF M0 (Mercedes)99015220-AA-AY94
    255/40ZR18 XL94795220-AA-AY99
    255/40ZR18 XL (BMW)01715220-AA-AY99
    265/35R18 REINF M045290220-AA-AY97
    265/35ZR18 N333477220-AA-AY93
    265/40ZR18 XL N426341220-AA-AY101
    265/40ZR18 XL N399883220-AA-AY101
    275/35ZR18 C184530220-AA-AY95
    275/35ZR18 M094902220-AA-AY95
    275/35ZR18 ZP (RUN FLAT)32611220-AA-AY95
    P275/35ZR1843657 Y87
    275/40R18 ZP (RUN FLAT)18205220-AA-AY99
    285/30ZR18 N342284220-AA-AY93
    285/30ZR1838273 Y93
    295/30ZR18 N339489220-AA-AY98
    295/30ZR18 XL N249127220-AA-AY98
    295/30ZR1824923 Y98
    295/35ZR18 N405271220-AA-AY99
    295/35ZR18 M043008220-AA-AY99
    315/30ZR18 N409883220-AA-AY98
    225/35ZR19 XL K101495220-AA-AY88
    225/40ZR19 XL03912220-AA-AY93
    235/35ZR19 N197127220-AA-AY87
    235/35ZR1977878 Y87
    245/35ZR19 XL12666220-AA-AY93
    255/35ZR19 XL M0119229220-AA-AY96
    255/35ZR19 XL14923220-AA-AY96
    255/35ZR19 XL M072772220-AA-AY96
    255/35ZR19 XL M097327220-AA-AY96
    255/35ZR19 REINF86320220-AA-AY96
    255/40ZR19 XL M099279220-AA-AY100
    255/40ZR19 M0 (Mercedes)01202220-AA-AY96
    255/45ZR19 N017107220-AA-AY100
    265/35ZR19 N219599220-AA-AY98
    265/35ZR19 XL27673220-AA-AY98
    275/35ZR19 XL06092220-AA-AY100
    275/40ZR19 M000813220-AA-AY101
    285/30ZR19 M0 REINF (Mercedes)23964220-AA-AY98
    285/30ZR19 ZP (RUN FLAT)13913220-AA-AY87
    285/30ZR19 XL M0132413220-AA-AY98
    285/30ZR19 REINF41439220-AA-AY98
    285/30ZR19 REINF83475220-AA-AY98
    285/35ZR19 ZP (RUN FLAT)07893220-AA-AY99
    285/35ZR19 K105159220-AA-AY99
    285/40ZR19 N000826220-AA-AY103
    295/30ZR1962471 Y100
    305/30ZR19 XL N186050220-AA-AY102
    305/30ZR19 (N2)41526 Y102
    P325/30ZR19 (RUN FLAT)15925 Y94
    345/30ZR19 XL C133625220-AA-AY105
    245/30ZR20 XL43355220-AA-AY90
    245/35ZR20 XL52728220-AA-AY95
    255/30ZR20 XL93488220-AA-AY92
    255/40ZR20 N002047M220-AA-AY101
    265/30ZR20 XL R0174413220-AA-AY94
    275/35ZR20 XL27587220-AA-AY102
    275/45ZR20 XL M036773220-AA-AY110
    295/35ZR20 XL N071379220-AA-AY105
    305/25ZR20 XL35951220-AA-AY97
    305/35ZR20 XL32857220-AA-AY104
    325/25ZR20 ZP (RUN FLAT)13161220-AA-AY94
    335/30ZR2070446 Y104
    335/30ZR20 N081438220-AA-AY104
    245/35ZR21 XL80085 Y96
    245/35ZR21 REINF74422220-AA-AY96
    285/30ZR21 REINF87692220-AA-AY100
    305/30ZR21 XL01423 Y104
    255/30ZR22 XL68038220-AA-AY97
    275/25ZR22 XL26813220-AA-AY93
    295/25ZR22 XL83945220-AA-AY97