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Michelin Pilot Sport
Pilot Sport
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    Price Range:  USD $421.99 to $566.99
    Passenger Cars / Summer / Ultra High Performance

    The maximum performance, Z-speed rated tire that discerning performance drivers of the world's exotic and ulta-high performance sports cars trust to maximize and extend the performance capabilities of both car and driver, especially in the wet, while providing exceptional feedback and refined road manners.

    Michelin® Pilot® Sport tires raise the bar on handling and tread life, and are designed to help you get the most out of your ultra-high performance sports car. Michelin Pilot Sport tires are summer tires, excelling on both dry and wet pavement. They always provide predictable cornering and exceptional tread stability under high torque. Michelin Pilot Sport tires offer impressive performance properties, so it should come as no surprise that they can be readily found on many of the world's finest sports cars.

    • Advanced Technology Tread Rubber Compounds – combine powerful wet traction, handling and braking with progressive, driver friendly dry handling.
    • High-tensile, low-mass steel cords and belts – provide quicker response, improved ride compliance and superior dampening of noise and vibration.
    • Rayon Casing with Ultra-Reinforced Sidewalls and Lightweight Rim Protectors – promote powerful, predictable cornering while fending off road-hazard damage and helping to protect costly alloy wheels.
    • Radically swept-back lateral grooves – efficiently evacuate water from under contact patch for outstanding wet traction, while reducing tire noise on dry roads.
    • Continuous center rib and elongated rolling footprint – sharpen steering response and feedback for exceptionally faithful, communicative feel.
    • High Modulus Undertread – stabalizes tread under high torque applications.

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