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Michelin Primacy HP
Primacy HP
  • 3.97
     (18 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $177.99 to $495.99
    Passenger Cars / Summer /

    The Michelin Primacy HP is a summer tire line designed for high performance touring applications, available now for the first time in the North American market.

    • A European handling profile, featuring a rounder shoulder, is designed to provide progressive, predictable cornering, letting you push your vehicle to the edges of its performance capabilities.
    • The Elasto Sport Compound on Primacy™ HP tires allows for stopping distances up to 5% shorter on wet road surfaces. This revolutionary compound also provides increased handling in wet conditions for better overall performance
    • Primacy™ HP tires are available with Zero Pressure™ technology in a variety of fitments, offering a greater sense of confidence and peace of mind.
    • The MICHELIN® GREEN X® label guarantees a level of energy efficiency among the highest in the market and reduced CO2 emission while maintaining all the legendary Michelin advantages of long wear, safety, and other performances

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    Sizes & PricesCustomer ReviewsAll Michelin Products
    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    205/55R16 MO05435240-A-AV91
    205/55R16 MO17853240-A-AH91
    205/55R16 AO74043240-A-AV91
    205/55R16 MO82990240-A-AW91
    205/55R16 (RUN FLAT - BMW)86110240-A-AH91
    205/55R16 Green X AO92253240-A-AW91
    205/60R1609397 V92
    215/55R1633484 H93
    215/55R1647487 W93
    225/50R16 MO22923240-A-AV92
    225/50R16 MO25049240-A-AW92
    225/55R16 AO25574240-A-AY95
    225/55R16 XL MO02305240-A-AY99
    205/45R17 (RUN - FLAT)92122240-A-AV84
    215/45R1730333 W87
    225/45R1793546 Y91
    225/45R17 MO04743240-A-AW91
    225/45R1712255 W91
    225/45R1773723 W91
    225/50R17 Green X11158240-A-AW94
    225/50R17 Green X24658240-A-AV94
    225/50R1722873 Y94
    225/50R17 XL AO35191240-A-AY98
    235/55R17 MO83888240-A-AW99
    245/40R17 MO27111240-A-AW91
    245/45R17 MO81732240-A-AW95
    255/45R1805816 Y99
    275/45R1855370 Y103
    245/40R1962364 Y94
    275/35R1915994 Y96