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Michelin Primacy MXM4
Primacy MXM4
  • 3.46
     (10 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $178.99 to $365.99
    Passenger Cars / All Season /
    All Season
    All Season

    360 Degrees of Ultimate Satisfaction for the Premium CarOwner Who Wants it All: Safety, all-weather handling, great ride quality and comfort.

    • Increased traction and handling in wet conditions - the result of the revolutionary Helio Compound™, with sunflower oil, combined with 3-DVariable Thickness Sipes Technology™ (VTS).
    • With revolutionary designs and advanced tread compounds,MICHELIN tires have been able to meet or exceed thedemanding standards of the world's leading luxury car makers for decades - including Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes and Lexus. The new MICHELIN® Primacy™ MXM4® tire is set to continue the tradition..
    • The 3-D Variable Thickness Sipes Technology™ and optimizedcontact patch of MaxTouch Construction™ combine to deliver many miles of drivingpleasure.

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    Sizes & PricesCustomer ReviewsAll Michelin Products
    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    205/55R16 Green X34471500-AA-AH91
    215/55R16 XL Green X66313500-AA-AH97
    215/45R17 Green X00507500-AA-AW87
    P215/45R17 Green X23164500-AA-AV87
    215/50R17 XL Green X63091500-AA-AV95
    P215/50R17 XL Green X39097500-AA-AV93
    P215/55R17 Green X08357500-AA-AV93
    215/55R17 Green X13027500-AA-AV94
    225/45R17 Green X37101500-AA-AH91
    P225/45R17 ZP Run Flat32346 V90
    225/45R17 Green X31473500-AA-AW91
    P225/45R1772983 H90
    225/50R17 Green X88213500-AA-AW94
    225/50R17 XL41073 V98
    225/50R17 ZP Run Flat66380 V94
    225/55R17 Green X23807500-AA-AV97
    235/45R17 Green X M094018500-AA-AH94
    235/45R17 Green X77864500-AA-AW94
    235/45R17 XL Green X84645500-AA-AH97
    245/40R17 Green X26027500-AA-AW91
    245/45R17 Green X28881500-AA-AW95
    245/45R17 XL Green X M087510500-AA-AH99
    245/55R17 ZP Run Flat37553 H102
    255/40R17 Green X M027593500-AA-AH94
    225/40R18 XL ZP Run Flat37330 V92
    P225/45R18 Green X03939500-AA-AV91
    225/50R18 Green X20213500-AA-AW95
    225/50R18 Green X31861500-AA-AV95
    235/40R18 Green X M003689500-AA-AH91
    235/45R1834445 V94
    P235/45R1814644 V94
    P235/60R1806696 V102
    245/45R1822485 V96
    245/50R18 Green X32275500-AA-AH100
    255/35R18 XL Green X M036995500-AA-AH94
    235/40R19 XL74327 V96
    245/40R19 Green X84596500-AA-AW94
    245/40R1923600 V94
    245/45R19 Green X19136500-AA-AW98
    255/45R1978442 V100
    245/45R2003667 V99