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Michelin X-Ice Xi3
X-Ice Xi3
  • 4.15
     (38 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $117.99 to $338.99
    Passenger Cars / Winter / Premium

    The MICHELIN® X-Ice® Xi3™ tire stops up to 10% shorter on ice and lasts up to two times longer than leading competitors.

    • Enhanced protection, even in some of the harshest winter conditions. The MICHELIN® X-Ice® Xi3™ tire stops up to 10% shorter on ice than leading competitors, thanks to the combined performance of the Optimized Tread Block Technology, featuring the Cross Z Sipes™, Micro-Pumps, Block Edges and the FleX-Ice™ compound.
    • Safer winter performance, winter after winter. The MICHELIN® X-Ice® Xi3™ tire provides winter performance for 60,000 kilometres t - up to twice that of the leading competitors. The Michelin MaxTouch Construction™ features a unique contact patch shape that evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, brakingand cornering of the X-Ice® Xi3™ tire, allowing for even wear and a longer tread life.
    • Protection for tomorrow and today. Environmentally friendly MICHELIN® Green X® tires are designed to help you reduce the amount of fuel you use. By creating less rolling resistance, Green X® tires deliver industry-leading energy efficiency, while helping you save fuel and reduce carbon emissions.

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    Sizes & PricesCustomer ReviewsAll Michelin Products
    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    175/65R14 XL48499 T86
    175/70R14 XL21156 T88
    185/60R14 XL71222 T86
    185/65R14 XL32548 T90
    185/70R14 XL27985 T92
    175/65R15 XL36174 T88
    185/55R15 XL36005 H86
    185/60R15 XL45787 H88
    185/65R15 XL01964 T92
    195/55R15 XL29358 H89
    195/60R15 XL15919 H92
    195/65R15 XL69846 T95
    205/60R15 XL95693 H95
    205/65R15 XL39982 T99
    205/70R1514965 T96
    215/65R15 XL97485 T100
    215/70R1566526 T98
    185/55R16 XL21898 H87
    195/55R16 XL54661 H91
    195/60R1619299 H89
    205/50R16 XL16181 H91
    205/55R16 XL21049 H94
    205/60R16 XL38818 H96
    205/65R16 XL23885 T99
    215/55R16 XL07726 H97
    215/60R16 XL78356 H99
    215/65R16 XL15333 T102
    225/55R16 XL12342 H99
    225/60R16 XL13453 H102
    225/65R1623816 T100
    235/60R16 XL38480 T104
    205/50R17 XL49996 H93
    215/45R17 XL68747 H91
    215/50R17 XL34929 H95
    215/55R17 XL08351 H98
    215/60R1756521 T96
    215/65R1716566 T99
    225/45R1735279 H94
    225/50R17 XL29883 H98
    225/55R17 XL15405 H101
    225/60R1761915 H99
    235/45R17 XL13631 H97
    235/55R1795532 H99
    245/45R17 XL02686 H99
    215/45R18 XL15692 H93
    215/55R18 XL56478 H99
    225/40R18 XL16997 H92
    225/45R18 XL41826 H95
    225/50R18 XL83346 H99
    225/55R1892837 H98
    225/60R1891224 H100
    235/40R18 XL96972 H95
    235/45R18 XL75806 H98
    235/50R18 XL82382 H101
    245/40R18 XL24422 H97
    245/45R18 XL03794 H100
    245/50R18 XL30147 H104
    255/45R18 XL30901 H103
    245/40R19 XL34197 H98
    245/45R19 XL06581 H102