Nexen N-Fera AU5

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Summer Summer
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P205/55R16 XL (BSW) 12362NXK 560-A-A94 W
P205/50R17 XL (BSW) 14651NXK 560-A-A93 W
P225/45R17 XL (BSW) 12361NXK 560-A-A94 W
P235/45R17 XL (BSW) 13803NXK 560-A-A97 W
225/40R18 XL (BSW) 12390NXK 560-A-A92 W
P225/45R18 XL (BSW) 12394NXK 560-A-A95 W
P235/40R18 XL (BSW) 13477NXK 560-A-A95 W
235/45R18 XL (BSW) 13776NXK 560-A-A98 W
P245/40R18 XL (BSW) 12400NXK 560-A-A97 W
P245/45R18 XL (BSW) 12398NXK 560-A-A100 W
P245/50R18 XL (BSW) 12396NXK 560-A-A104 W
P255/35R18 XL (BSW) 13470NXK 560-A-A94 W
P265/35R18 XL (BSW) 13475NXK 560-A-A97 W
P275/35R18 XL (BSW) 14206NXK 560-A-A99 W
P275/40R18 XL (BSW) 14076NXK 560-A-A103 W
235/35R19 XL (BSW) 12401NXK 560-A-A91 W
235/55R19 XL (BSW) 14363NXK 560-A-A105 W
245/35R19 XL (BSW) 14204NXK 560-A-A93 W
P245/40R19 XL (BSW) 12402NXK 560-A-A98 W
P245/45R19 XL (BSW) 12403NXK 560-A-A102 W
P255/40R19 XL (BSW) 14077NXK 560-A-A100 W
265/30R19 XL (BSW) 13498NXK 560-A-A93 W
275/30R19 XL (BSW) 14201NXK 560-A-A96 W
275/35R19 XL (BSW) 14207NXK 560-A-A100 W
P275/40R19 XL (BSW) 13129NXK 560-A-A105 Y
235/30R20 XL (BSW) 13493NXK 560-A-A88 W
245/35R20 XL (BSW) 14205NXK 560-A-A95 W
P245/40R20 XL (BSW) 13479NXK 560-A-A99 W
245/45R20 XL (BSW) 13291NXK 560-A-A103 W
255/35R20 XL (BSW) 13472NXK 560-A-A97 W
275/30R20 XL (BSW) 14202NXK 560-A-A97 W
285/30R20 XL (BSW) 14203NXK 560-A-A99 W
245/30R22 XL (BSW) 13495NXK 560-A-A92 W
265/30R22 XL (BSW) 13500NXK 560-A-A97 W
295/25R22 XL (BSW) 13491NXK 560-A-A97 W

The Nexen N Fera AU5 is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

  • High stiffness black pattern enhances performance at high speed, increasing steering stability
  • Dimple's energy and heat distritbution reduces fatigue and abnormal wear while increasing durability
  • Optimal Lateral Groove width design, uniform block distribution and stiffness delivers a silent and comfortable ride
  • Groove Internal Serration reduces 3D flow in whirls when driving in the wet, which increase handling and driving stability

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N-Fera AU5

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Treadlife Warranty


Uniformity Warranty

1 Year / first 2/32" of wear (1)

Workmanship Materials Warranty

6 Years / Free replacement first year, 2/32" then prorated until 2/32" remaining depth (2)

Manufacturers Road Hazard Warranty

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Manufacturer Warranty Brochure

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Manufacturer Special Warranty

3 Year Roadside Assistance

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