Nexen N7000 Plus

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205/55R16 XL (BSW) 14932NXK 560-A-A94 W
205/45R17 XL (BSW) 15004NXK 560-A-A88 W
215/45R17 XL (BSW) 14922NXK 560-A-A91 W
225/45R17 (BSW) 14923NXK 560-A-A91 W
235/45R17 XL (BSW) 14925NXK 560-A-A97 W
245/40R17 (BSW) 15161NXK 560-A-A91 W
245/45R17 (BSW) 15005NXK 560-A-A95 W
245/50R17 (BSW) 14931NXK 560-A-A99 W
225/40R18 XL (BSW) 15000NXK 560-A-A92 W
225/45R18 XL (BSW) 14924NXK 560-A-A95 W
235/50R18 XL (BSW) 14930NXK 560-A-A101 W
245/40R18 XL (BSW) 14921NXK 560-A-A97 W
245/45R18 XL (BSW) 14926NXK 560-A-A100 W
255/45R18 XL (BSW) 14909NXK 560-A-A103 W
265/35R18 XL (BSW) 14997NXK 560-A-A97 W
275/35R18 (BSW) 14906NXK 560-A-A95 W
225/35R19 XL (BSW) 14903NXK 560-A-A88 Y
235/35R19 XL (BSW) 14919NXK 560-A-A91 W
245/35R19 XL (BSW) 14905NXK 560-A-A93 W
245/40R19 XL (BSW) 15002NXK 560-A-A98 W
245/45R19 XL (BSW) 15009NXK 560-A-A102 Y
275/35R19 (BSW) 14998NXK 560-A-A96 Y
275/40R19 XL (BSW) 15003NXK 560-A-A105 Y
245/35R20 XL (BSW) 14920NXK 560-A-A95 W
255/35R20 XL (BSW) 14996NXK 560-A-A97 W
275/30R20 XL (BSW) 14995NXK 560-A-A97 W
275/35R20 XL (BSW) 14999NXK 560-A-A102 W

The N7000 Plus includes a round block edge design which provides a quiet and comfortable ride. A rigid shoulder block design enhances cornering and handling stability while the kerf design and silica compound allow for confident performance on wet road conditions. Four straight wide grooves provide excellent water drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance.

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N7000 Plus

Warranty summary for replacement tires purchased on or after 01/Feb/2016

Treadlife Warranty

N7000 Plus 50,000

Uniformity Warranty

1 Year / first 2/32" of wear (1)

Workmanship Materials Warranty

6 Years / Free replacement first year, 2/32" then prorated until 2/32" remaining depth (2)

Manufacturers Road Hazard Warranty

See Manufacturer Warranty Brochure

Manufacturer Warranty Brochure

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Manufacturer Special Warranty

3 Year Roadside Assistance

Special Notes:

Warranty information provided may be innacurate, or may be out of date. Please see official manufacturer's warranty brochure for specific details.

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