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Nexen Roadian HT
Roadian HT
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    Price Range:  USD $105.99 to $208.99
    Light Truck and SUVs / All Season / High Performance
    All Season
    All Season

    The Roadian HT does double duty on the highway and rougher terrain. Rigid shoulder blocks assure precise handling, maximum load durability and progressive cornering. Off-road performance and snow traction are improved by well-balanced and multiple kerfs. 5 Random pitch variation reduces noise, while the HT´s twin-block design improves durability and road contact. Water is effectively drained reducing the risk of hydroplaning by 4 wide straight grooves.

    • 4 Straight Wide Groove - Provide excellent drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance.
    • Well-Balanced Kerfs and Twin-block-Improved-off-road performance.
    • Shoulder Blocks - Precise handling and progressive cornering.
    • 5 Random Pitch Variation - Optimized sectional design to reduce pattern noise.
    • Multiple Kerf Design.
    • Twin-Type Block Design.

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