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Pirelli P-Zero Nero M-S
P-Zero Nero M-S
  • 4.21
     (98 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $216.99 to $704.99
    Passenger Cars / All Season / Ultra High Performance
    All Season
    All Season

    The P-Zero Nero M&S in the ultimate all season low profile tire designed for the high performance market. It offers a winning combination of enhanced driving enjoyment, precise cornering, excellent grip - even at the limit, and high resistenace to aquaplaning.

    • First all season tire from the P-Zero collection.
    • Innovative compound improves grip in wet and dry conditions.
    • Longitudal and lateral grooves minimize the risk of aquaplaning even when cornering.
    • Optimized pitch sequence and a continuous circumferential element ensure quiet ride.

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    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    P235/35R19 XL1719500400-AA-AW91
    P245/35R19 XL1719600400-AA-AW93
    P265/30R19 XL 1719700400-AA-AW93
    P275/30R19 XL1719800400-AA-AW96
    P225/35R20 XL1541100400-AA-AW90
    P245/35ZR20 XL1505900400-AA-AW95
    P255/35ZR20 XL1505700400-AA-AW97
    P275/30R20 XL1734300400-AA-AW97
    P255/30R24 XL1694500400-AA-AW97
    P275/25ZR24 XL1679200400-AA-AW96
    P285/30R24 XL1733600400-AA-AW103
    P405/25R24 XL1779000400-AA-AW116
    P2756/25ZR26 XL2056500400-AA-AW98