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Pirelli P-Zero Run Flat
P-Zero Run Flat
  • 3.94
     (8 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $228.99 to $906.99
    Passenger Cars / Summer / Maximum Performance

    Twenty years on, PZeroTM is still a point of reference in the ultra high performance market: technologically the most advanced, the best performing, the most coveted. A tire designed for the most prestigious OE fitments on premium new models (Ferrari 599 GTB, Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT, Audi Quattro R8, Mercedes S-Class AMG, just to name a few).The new attractive asymmetric tread design offers superior handling and braking performances on both dry and wet surfaces.The new high-grip compound with nano-composites is the perfect solution for an enhanced driving stability and sensitive steering control.Three wide longitudinal grooves ensure an high aquaplaning resistance, while the s-shaped sipes are designed to reduce rolling noise.The external area with large, rigid blocks is the ideal support to exalt handling characteristics when driving on the limit, bestowing worry-free emotion.

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    Sizes & PricesCustomer ReviewsAll Pirelli Products
    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    205/45R17* (Run Flat)1817100220-AA-AV84
    205/50R17 (Run Flat)1842600220-AA-AV89
    225/45R17 (Run Flat)1738200220-AA-AV91
    225/45R17* (Run Flat)1738300220-AA-AW91
    245/45R17 (Run Flat)1749300220-AA-AY95
    255/40R17* (Run Flat)1738500220-AA-AV94
    255/40R17* (Run Flat)1738600220-AA-AW94
    205/40R18 XL (Run Flat)1758600220-AA-AW86
    225/40R18 (Run Flat)1740100220-AA-AY88
    225/40R18 (*)1992700220-AA-AY88
    225/40R18 XL (Run Flat) MOE2337000 W92
    245/40R18 (Run Flat)1749200220-AA-AY93
    245/50R18* (Run Flat)1789000220-AA-AY100
    245/50R18 (*)2010100220-AA-AW100
    255/35R18 (Run Flat)1740200220-AA-AY90
    255/40R18 (MOE)2051500220-AA-AY95
    255/55R18 (Run Flat)1924500220-AA-AV109
    285/35R18 (MOE)2051400220-AA-AY97
    225/35R19 XL (*)2022700220-AA-AY88
    225/35R19* XL (Run Flat)1924900220-AA-AY88
    225/40R19 (*)1990700220-AA-AY89
    225/40R19* (Run Flat)1876500220-AA-AW89
    225/40R19 (Run Flat) *2331700 W89
    225/45R19 (*)2141000220-AA-AW92
    245/30R19 (*)2022800220-AA-AY89
    245/40R19* (Run Flat)1941800220-AA-AY94
    245/45R19* (Run Flat)1788900220-AA-AY98
    245/45R19 (*)2137300220-AA-AY98
    255/30R19* XL (Run Flat)1925000220-AA-AY91
    255/35R19 (*)1990800220-AA-AY92
    255/35R19* (Run Flat)1876400220-AA-AW92
    255/35R19 (Run Flat) *2331800 W92
    255/40R19 (*)2141100220-AA-AW96
    255/50ZR19 (Run Flat)1831500220-AA-AW107
    275/35R19* (Run Flat)1921100220-AA-AY96
    275/40R19 (Run Flat)1788800220-AA-AY101
    275/40R19 (*)2153200220-AA-AY101
    P285/30ZR19 LL (Run Flat)2053100220-AA-AY87
    225/35R20 XL (*)2074600220-AA-AY90
    245/35R20 XL2059600220-AA-AY95
    245/40R20 XL (MOE)2122600220-AA-AY99
    245/40R20* XL (Run Flat)1874400220-AA-AY99
    255/30R20 (*)2074500220-AA-AY92
    275/30R20 XL2059700220-AA-AY97
    275/35R20 XL (MOE)2122500220-AA-AY102
    275/35R20* XL (Run Flat)1874300220-AA-AY102
    315/35ZR20 XL (Run Flat)1831800220-AA-AY110
    P335/25ZR20 LL (Run Flat)2053000220-AA-AY94
    245/35R21 XL (Run Flat)1826600220-AA-AY96
    275/30R21 XL (Run Flat)1826700220-AA-AY98
    285/35R21 XL (*)2306200220-AA-AY105
    325/30R21 XL (*)2306300220-AA-AY108