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Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico
Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico
  • 4.31
     (44 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $194.99 to $1,298.99
    Light Truck and SUVs / All Season / Ultra High Performance
    All Season
    All Season

    The new Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico is built with Pirelli's newest evolution and sophisticated MIRS process - Modular Integrated Robotized System. A tire dedicated to the most powerful light truck and SUV's, it offers increased safety margins while enhancing the driving experience.

    • Full and compact external shoulder blocks increase dry handling performance and safety, while the inner shoulder with its deeper and more regular cuts is geared towards maximizing traction.
    • Low acoustic noise, high percision at high speed and excellent grip when braking thanks to the solid center rib.
    • 4 Wide longitudinal grooves for water evacuation of the foot print increases safety and wet performance.

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    Sizes & PricesCustomer ReviewsAll Pirelli Products
    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    235/60R17 M01766900420-A-AV102
    255/55R17 M01767000420-A-AV104
    235/60R181755800 H103
    255/55R18 XL1748300420-AA-AH109
    P255/55R18 XL (AO)1748500 V109
    235/45R19 XL1754300420-A-AV99
    255/50ZR19 XL1619700420-A-AY107
    235/45R20 XL M01788400420-AA-AH100
    245/45R20 (Run Flat)1680900420-A-AW99
    255/45R20 XL1825300420-A-AV105
    265/45ZR20 XL M01842500420-A-AH108
    275/40R20 XL1629900420-A-AY106
    275/45R20 XL1748200420-AA-AH110
    265/35ZR22 XL2215500 W102
    265/40R22 XL (K1)2075300420-AA-AW105
    275/45R22 XL2075700420-AA-AV112
    285/35ZR22 XL2215400 W106
    295/30ZR22 XL2075800 W103
    305/35ZR22 XL1506000420-AA-AW110
    305/40ZR22 XL1487100420-AA-AW114
    335/25ZR22 XL1550000420-AA-AY105
    285/35ZR24 XL1619300420-AA-AW108
    295/40ZR24 XL1619200420-AA-AW114
    305/35ZR24 XL1561400420-AA-AW112
    315/40R25 XL1757100420-AA-AV120
    295/25ZR26 XL1825500420-AA-AW102
    295/30R26 XL1756500420-AA-AW107
    305/30R26 XL1631400420-AA-AV109
    315/40R26 XL1554000420-AA-AV120
    295/25R28 XL1825600420-AA-AV103
    325/35R28 XL1629600420-AA-AV120
    315/30R30 XL1699100420-AA-AV114