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Pirelli Winter 240 Sottozero Serie II
Winter 240 Sottozero Serie II
  • 3.71
     (10 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $177.99 to $734.99
    Passenger Cars / Winter / High Performance

    Optimal driving in all of the fall and winter conditions

    Winter SOTTOZERO™ Series II is designed to actively react in the presence of wet asphalt and low external temperatures (under 7°C), contrasting with great success the phenomenon of aquaplaning. It represents a versatile and safe answer for optimal driving conditions in all fall and winter weather conditions: dry, wet or snow covered surfaces do not make a difference, Winter SOTTOZERO™ Series II guarantees the best performance on all surfaces.

    wide moulded grooves, in order to effectively expel the water.special water containment basins (HST – Hydro Static Tank) a Pirelli patent that guarantees a better containment of the water in the grooves in order to sensibly reduce the phenomenon of aquaplaning.

    IMPORTANT: It is not recommended to mix the Winter Sottozero and the Winter Sottozero Serie II tires

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    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    205/55R16 XL2027800 V94
    225/50R16 XL2023600 V96
    205/55R17 (Porsche N0)1822400 V91
    215/45R17 XL1813400 V91
    225/45R17 XL1827500 V94
    225/55R17 XL1971400 V101
    235/50R17 (Porsche N0)1822500 V96
    245/55R17 (MO)2157300 V102
    215/45R18 XL (MO)2285200 V93
    225/40R18 XL1813800 V92
    235/40R18 (Porsche N1)1821900 V91
    235/40R18 XL (Mercedes MO)1863000 V95
    235/40R18 (Porsche N2)1850000 V91
    235/45R18 (N0)1864600 V94
    235/45R18 XL1962300 V98
    245/50R18 1840900 V100
    255/40R18 (Porsche N1)1822000 V95
    255/40R18 XL MO1865500 V99
    265/40R18 (Porsche N1)1822100 V97
    265/45R18 (N0)1864800 V101
    275/45R181841000 V103
    295/35R18 (Porsche N2)1850200 V99
    235/35R191857700 V91
    235/35R19 (Porshe N1)1821800 V87
    235/40R19 (N0)1864500 V92
    235/45R19 XL2209300 V99
    235/50R192181800 V103
    245/45R19 XL1877500 V102
    255/35R19 XL (Mercedes MO)1863100 V96
    255/40R19 XL (*)2012000 V100
    255/40R19 XL2313900 V100
    255/45R19 N02391000 V100
    275/40R19 XL (*)2155500 V105
    275/40R19 XL (Mercedes MO)1863200 V105
    275/40R19 XL1877600 V105
    285/30R19 XL1898400 V98
    285/35R19 (N0)1931600 V99
    285/40R19 N02391100 V103
    295/30R19 XL1962000 V100
    295/30R19 XL (Porsche N1)1822200 V100
    295/35R19 (N0)1864400 V100
    245/35R20 (N0)1864700 V91
    245/40R20 XL1877800 V99
    255/40R20 XL1848900 V101
    255/40R20 XL2391200 V101
    255/40R20 XL (AO)2145900 V101
    265/35R20 XL2313600 V99
    265/40R20 XL2209700 V104
    275/30R20 XL2265700 V97
    275/35R20 XL1877700 V102
    285/35R20 XL1848800 V104
    285/35R20 XL2391300 V104
    295/30R20 (N0)1864300 V97