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Pirelli Winter Carving Edge
Winter Carving Edge
  • 4.05
     (27 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $86.99 to $470.99
    Passenger Cars / Winter / Premium

    A new studdable tire benefiting from Pirelli's rally experience and a prolonged testing program in Arctic conditions. The Carving™ provides an innovative technical solution to the challenge of driving in the extremes of winter, always with increased safety as a priority. An aggressive tread pattern designed to increase the effectiveness of the tire footprint, both on snow and ice.

    Designed to maximize traction and braking on ice, the Carving has a optimized new stud layout for an improved stud retention and acoustic comfort. Its consistent performance during the whole tire life makes it the choice for intense winter use plus it has the snowflake marking to conform with internationally accepted industry standard. The Carving is also environmentally friendly thank to its totally aromatic oil free compound developed with Pirelli "ACT" technology.

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    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    175/65R142214800 T82
    175/70R142290900 T84
    185/65R141962400 T86
    185/70R142291000 T88
    185/60R15 XL1717300 T88
    195/55R152291200 T85
    195/60R152291100 T88
    195/65R15 XL2313700 T95
    205/65R151776000 T94
    205/55R16 XL2214600 T94
    215/55R16 XL1834700 T97
    215/60R16 XL1834100 T99
    215/65R161753900 T98
    235/60R161776300 T100
    225/50R17 XL Run Flat2275600 T98
    225/55R17 XL2276100 T101
    225/65R17 XL1834900 T106
    235/45R17 XL1834300 T97
    235/65R17 XL1707700 T108
    245/45R17 XL1834500 T99
    225/55R18 XL2276200 T102
    235/60R18 XL1835000 T107
    245/40R18 XL1834400 T97
    245/50R181835400 T100
    245/50R18 XL Run Flat2293200 T104
    255/55R18 XL1687800 T109
    255/60R18 XL1687900 T112
    275/45R18 XL2293000 T107
    235/55R19 XL2275400 T105
    245/45R19 XL Run Flat2293400 T102
    255/50R19 XL1831100 T107
    265/50R19 XL2275300 T110
    275/40R19 XL Run Flat2293300 T105
    275/45R19 XL1831000 T108
    245/40R20 XL Run Flat2275800 T99
    265/50R20 XL1835600 T111
    275/40R20 XL1830900 T106
    275/40R20 XL Run Flat2293500 T106
    275/45R20 XL1835500 T110
    315/35R20 XL Run Flat2293600 T110
    275/45R21 XL2274900 T110
    295/40R21 XL2275100 T111