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Bridgestone Potenza S001
Bridgestone Potenza S001
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    The Potenza S001 is Bridgestone´s Ultra High Performance pattern designed to meet the exacting standards of prestigious carmakers from around the world. Already found as standard equipment on several sports cars and sports sedans, the Potenza S001 features confident performance in both dry and wet conditions. An advanced asymmetric tread pattern features a solid circumferential rib and large outer shoulder blocks which contribute to dry performance. In addition, wide circumferential grooves help channel water away from the footprint area. Enjoy a whole new level of control with the Potenza S001.

    • LARGE OUTSIDE SHOULDER BLOCKS for confident cornering performance.
    • CONTINUOUS CENTER RIB for enhanced response.
    • WIDE CIRCUMFERENTIAL GROOVES for rapid water evacuation.
    • HIGH ANGLE LUG GROOVES for improved hydroplaning resistance and enhanced braking performance.

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    Potenza S001