Goodyear Excellence ROF


Price Range:  USD $80.99 to $649.99


Passenger Cars /Summer/Ultra High Performance

Does This Tire Fit?

Excellence® ROF is Original Equipment tire sold with select European import vehicles.

  • OE-tuned asymmetric tread design helps provide responsive handling and a smooth touring ride.
  • Wide circumferential grooves help evacuate water from beneath the tread.
  • Advanced RunOnFlat® technology.

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Excellence ROF

195/55R16 SL (VSB) 111971513 240-A-A87 V
225/45R17 SL (VSB) 111870513 240-A-A91 W
225/55R17 SL (BLT) 111272513 240-A-A97 Y
245/40R17 SL (VSB) 111985513 240-A-A91 W
245/40R17 SL (MBW) 111986356 240-A-A91 Y
245/55R17 (BL) 111018513 240-A-A102 W
245/45R18 SL (BLT) 111443513 240-A-A96 Y
245/40R19 XL (BLT) 111003513 240-A-A98 Y
245/45R19 SL (BLT) 111016513 240-A-A98 Y
275/35R19 SL (BLT) 111446513 240-A-A96 Y
275/40R19 SL (BLT) 111017513 240-A-A101 Y
245/40R20 XL (BLT) 111045513 240-A-A99 Y
275/35R20 XL (BLT) 111048513 240-A-A102 Y