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Hankook Optimo H725
Hankook Optimo H725
  • 1.0  (1 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $82.99 to $198.99
    All Season

    The Touring All-Season Optimo H725 combines quality with value. An innovative internal construction offers improved handling and durability, while an advanced tread pattern provides excellent wet and dry braking and winter performance with an emphasis on low road noise.

    • High kerf density across the tread adds a cutting edge to winter traction.
    • Radial shoulder geometry provides irregular wear resistance in the area most susceptible to wear. A radial shoulder angle maximizes stiffness for improved handling.
    • Long interlocking center and intermediate buttons provide stability for improved stopping performance.
    • Wide main grooves for optimized water drainage.

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  • 1.0
    Optimo H725
    Overall  Dry Wet Snow Handling Comfort Noise Treadwear
    Overall: 1.0  
  • 4/18/2014
  • Wet
  • Snow
  • Handling
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Treadwear
  • Size: 205/75R14 ( 16090 KM of Tire Wear )
    Anonymous is a Cautious, Reserved Driver
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    Hankook Optimo H724 tire P205/75R-14 DOT T7XC HBH. Inside tire wall (back driver side) separated on 04-16-14 traveling I10 west at Arizona high way speed limit causing accident. Nothing was run over on highway. Severe, roll over accident. Mini-van totaled. Purchased at America's Tire 07-20-13. Tire had ~ 10,000 miles wear. Tires and pressure checked 8 days prior. Inside wall separations are extremely rare. Suspected manufacturing defect. Manufacturing quality control is not hard. A manufacturing defect that puts human life in danger is unacceptable. Will not purchase Hankook tires again.