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Nexen Roadian HT
Nexen Roadian HT
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    All Season

    The Roadian HT does double duty on the highway and rougher terrain. Rigid shoulder blocks assure precise handling, maximum load durability and progressive cornering. Off-road performance and snow traction are improved by well-balanced and multiple kerfs. 5 Random pitch variation reduces noise, while the HT´s twin-block design improves durability and road contact. Water is effectively drained reducing the risk of hydroplaning by 4 wide straight grooves.

    • 4 Straight Wide Groove - Provide excellent drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance.
    • Well-Balanced Kerfs and Twin-block-Improved-off-road performance.
    • Shoulder Blocks - Precise handling and progressive cornering.
    • 5 Random Pitch Variation - Optimized sectional design to reduce pattern noise.
    • Multiple Kerf Design.
    • Twin-Type Block Design.

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    Roadian HT