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Toyo Observe G-02 Plus
Observe G-02 Plus
  • 3.95
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    Price Range:  USD $77.99 to $304.99
    Passenger Cars / Winter / Premium

    Designed with an aggressive unidirectional tread pattern for superior performance in extreme snow and ice conditions, the Toyo OBSERVE G-02 plus winter tire technology was specifically built to handle Canada's most brutal winters.

    • Lamella crystals, called Fraipontite, help "vaccuum" away moisture from under the footprint allowing better direct contact between the tread compound and the road surface.
    • Silica in the tread compound helps rubber retain it's softness in low temperature conditions and resists hardening with age.
    • Improved Microbit Technology with the larger walnut shell particle, increases traction and braking on compacted snow and ice.
    • Increased sipe density further improves water evacuation resulting in improved levels of ice traction.

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    The Toyo Observe G-02 Plus is unavailable for purchase or is currently out of stock.