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Toyo Observe G2S
Observe G2S
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    Price Range:  USD $81.99 to $133.99
    Passenger Cars / Winter / Premium

    OBSERVE G2S - representing a new generation of Studdable winter tires of Japanese production. The development was carried out using the latest methods of computer modeling of the tires on the road DSOC-T. This method allows to simulate the behavior of the vehicle under various road conditions and helps achieve the best results available. This method allows Toyo to make changes in the rubber compound, tread depth, size and shape of slats and drainage canals, and the shape and internal structure of the sidewall for optimal performance in Winter driving conditions.

    • Optimized, 12-in-line placement of studs provides a better grip on ice
    • Stable center rib ensures an excellent stable management
    • Serrated edges of blocks Improve management of ice and snow
    • Well-balanced composition of the tread featuring walnuts shells provide excellent control on the ice and snow, cutting into the solid ice surface
    • Walnut shells are a natural material - does not pollute

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