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Toyo Proxes T1 Sport
Proxes T1 Sport
  • 4.26
     (8 customer reviews
    Price Range:  USD $125.99 to $305.99
    Passenger Cars / Summer / Ultra High Performance

    The goal of Toyo Tires is to ensure that your Toyo replacement performance tires not only maintains the performance qualities built into your original equipment tire designed for your vehicle but exceeds them. The Toyo PROXES T1 Sport meets this challenge by offering an ultra high performance tire, which provides performance characteristics expected from a PROXES tire with added comfort and stability for a luxury performance ride.

    • By incorporating large blocks on the outside of the tread design contact is increased and improves the blocks rigidity improving handling and steering response. The design ensures great road grip and feel.
    • Grooves provide a wide water channel for improved wet weather performance under all conditions
    • A unique inside notched rib design enhances block rigidity improving braking performance. By locking the blocks together it also reduces irregular wear resulting in a quieter more comfortable ride

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    Sizes & PricesCustomer ReviewsAll Toyo Products
    SpecsProduct CodeUTQG RatingSpeed RatingLoad IndexPrice
    205/50ZR17 XL252380240-AA-AY93
    225/45ZR17 XL252350240-AA-AY94
    235/40ZR17 XL252300240-AA-AY94
    235/45ZR17 XL252360240-AA-AY97
    245/40ZR17 XL252310240-AA-AY95
    245/45ZR17 XL252370240-AA-AY99
    255/40ZR17 XL252320240-AA-AY98
    215/40ZR18 XL252190240-AA-AY89
    215/45ZR18 XL252240240-AA-AY93
    225/40ZR18 XL252200240-AA-AY92
    225/45ZR18 XL252250240-AA-AY95
    235/40ZR18 XL252210240-AA-AY95
    245/35ZR18 XL252140240-AA-AY92
    245/40ZR18 XL252220240-AA-AY97
    245/45ZR18 XL252270240-AA-AY100
    255/35ZR18 XL252150240-AA-AY94
    255/40ZR18 XL252230240-AA-AY99
    255/45ZR18 XL252280240-AA-AY103
    265/35ZR18 XL252160240-AA-AY97
    285/30ZR18 XL252500240-AA-AY97
    285/35ZR18 XL252180240-AA-AY101
    225/35ZR19 XL252060240-AA-AY88
    225/40ZR19 XL252100240-AA-AY93
    235/35ZR19 XL252070240-AA-AY91
    245/35ZR19 XL252080240-AA-AY93
    245/40ZR19 XL252110240-AA-AY98
    255/30ZR19 XL252030240-AA-AY91
    255/35ZR19 XL252090240-AA-AY96
    255/40ZR19 XL252120240-AA-AY100
    265/30ZR19 XL252040240-AA-AY93
    265/35ZR19 XL252470240-AA-AY98
    275/30ZR19 XL252530240-AA-AY96
    275/35ZR19 XL252540240-AA-AY100
    285/30ZR19 XL252520240-AA-AY98
    245/30ZR20 XL252570240-AA-AY90
    245/35ZR20 XL252580240-AA-AY95
    255/30ZR20 XL252000240-AA-AY92
    275/30ZR20 XL252560240-AA-AY97
    285/30ZR20 XL252550240-AA-AY99