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Volkswagen tires

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The Jetta is a small family sedan, produced by the German auto manufacturer, Volkswagen. It was first produced in 1979 and, in the years since, has become one of Volkswagen's best-selling models. The VW Jetta is a spacious, comfortable, stylish sedan, with all the fun of driving a Volkswagen. These characteristics have earned the Jetta the #3 rank in Car and Driver's list of top Compacts.

A new set of tires can help to improve the comfort and performance of your Jetta. 1010TIRES.COM sells a huge selection of VW Jetta tires, for a wide range of driving styles and needs. If you're a road warrior, who spends long hours on the road, consider a set of touring tires for your VW Jetta. Touring tires were designed to give balanced handling, and a smooth, quiet, comfortable ride. Try our top-rated Yokohama Avid Ascend. For confident, aggressive driver, try a sporty ultra high-performance tire, like the Goodyear Eagle F1. Ultra-high performance tires are designed for faster driving and better handling. We also have all-season, snow tires, winter tires, and economy tires for the Volkswagen Jetta, all backed by our 1010TIRES.COM 100% Fitment Guarantee!