Westlake SA07

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195/45R16 XL (BSW) 24336004 460-A-A84 V
205/55R16 (BSW) 24460027 460-A-A91 V
215/55R16 (BSW) 24556014 460-A-A93 V
225/55R16 (BSW) 24465014 460-A-A95 W
205/40ZR17 XL (BSW) 24870021 460-A-A84 W
205/45R17 XL (BSW) 24947006 460-A-A88 W
205/50R17 (BSW) 24385008 460-A-A89 W
215/40ZR17 XL (BSW) 24875015 460-A-A87 W
215/45R17 XL (BSW) 24975012 460-A-A91 W
215/50R17 (BSW) 24390012 460-A-A91 W
215/55R17 (BSW) 24470011 460-A-A94 V
225/45R17 XL (BSW) 24977021 460-A-A94 W
225/50R17 (BSW) 24395010 460-A-A94 W
225/55R17 (BSW) 24475012 460-A-A97 W
235/45R17 XL (BSW) 24980014 460-A-A97 W
235/50R17 XL (BSW) 24400006 460-A-A100 W
235/55R17 (BSW) 24480005 460-A-A99 W
245/40R17 XL (BSW) 24081001 460-A-A95 W
245/45R17 (BSW) 24982009 460-A-A95 Y
255/45R17 (BSW) 24985003 460-A-A98 W
215/35R18 XL (BSW) 24030010 460-A-A84 W
215/40R18 XL (BSW) 24888005 460-A-A89 W
215/45R18 (BSW) 24970003 460-A-A89 W
225/40R18 XL (BSW) 24077016 460-A-A92 W
225/45R18 XL (BSW) 24990007 460-A-A95 W
235/40R18 XL (BSW) 24080022 460-A-A95 W
235/45R18 (BSW) 24998002 460-A-A94 Y
235/50R18 XL (BSW) 24410005 460-A-A101 W
245/40R18 XL (BSW) 24082011 460-A-A97 Y
245/45R18 (BSW) 24995009 460-A-A96 Y
245/50R18 (BSW) 24375004 460-A-A100 Y
225/40R19 XL (BSW) 24078003 460-A-A93 W
235/35R19 XL (BSW) 24052006 460-A-A91 W
245/35R19 XL (BSW) 24054005 460-A-A93 W
245/40R19 (BSW) 24083007 460-A-A94 Y
255/35R19 XL (BSW) 24049004 460-A-A96 W
255/40R19 XL (BSW) 24848002 460-A-A100 W
245/35R20 XL (BSW) 24060006 460-A-A95 W
265/50R20 XL (BSW) 24652003 460-A-A111 V

Enhance your driving experience with WESTLAKE’s SA07 SPORT – all season performance tires. Designed for today’s performance enhanced vehicles, including sedans, touring & CUVs, the SA07s give your vehicle an optimized ride, enhanced handling, and improved stability – Just about everything you’d want in a tire. Tell your tire professional you want enhanced performance, ask for a set of WESTLAKE SA07s.

  • Designed for a variety of today’s vehicles, including touring and CUV applications
  • Performance-enhancing tread design with circumferential channels for lateral stability and precise responsiveness
  • All-season siping to boost water dispersion, tread life, and handling
  • V, W, & Y-rated treads in a large range range of performance fitments

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