Yokohama Geolandar H-T G055

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215/70R16 05510 740-A-AH100
225/70R16 05515 740-A-AH103
235/70R16 05523 740-A-AH106
225/60R17 05513 740-A-AH99
225/65R17 05514 740-A-AH102
235/65R17 05521 740-A-AH104
245/65R17 05532 740-A-AH107
225/55R18 05511 740-A-AV98
235/55R18 05517 740-A-AV100
235/60R18 XL 05520 740-A-AV107
235/65R18 05522 740-A-AH106
245/60R18 05526 740-A-AH105
255/55R18 XL 05529 740-A-AV109
225/55R19 05512Y 740-A-AV99
235/50R19 05516 740-A-AV99
235/55R19 XL 05518 740-A-AV105
245/55R19 05525Y 740-A-AH103
255/50R19 XL 05527 740-A-AV107
235/55R20 05519 740-A-AH102
245/50R20 05524 740-A-AV102
255/50R20 XL 05528 740-A-AV109
255/55R20 XL 05530 740-A-AH110
265/50R20 XL 05531 740-A-AV111

Yokohama tires are designed to perform better, keep you safer, and take you further. The GEOLANDAR G055™ gives you the all-season handling you need for your crossover vehicle, while delivering a comfortable and quiet ride. Our Orange Oil Tread Compound contributes to longer tread life and confident handling wet, or dry. We guarantee you’ll love Yokohamas. Which is why we provide a Satisfaction Guaranteed 30-Day Trial.

  • LONG TREADLIFE: PREMIUM COMPOUND of specially formulated orange oil compound provides extraodinary all-season performance and extends treadlife; OPTIMIZED PROFILE provides even pressure across the tread surface ensuring even wear.
  • ALL-SEASON TRACTION: CIRCUMFERENTIAL ZIGZAG GROOVES resist hydroplaning by channeling water away from the tread area; TRANSITION GROOVES AND NOTCH SIPES create biting edges for superior wet and winter traction; ORANGE OIL COMPOUND and silica provide enhanced wet grip.
  • FUEL EFFICIENCY: ORANGE OIL COMPOUND optimized tread profile combine to reduce rolling resistance and increase fuel efficiency.
  • HANDLING: FULL NYLON COVER extend across the belts to improve stability at highway speeds and delivers confident handling.
  • QUIETER RIDE: INTEGRATED SHOULDER minimizes road noise and uneven wear for a quiet ride through the life of the tire.

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Geolandar H-T G055

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5 Years / Free replacement first year or 2/32" of wear, then prorated to 2/32" remaining depth

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