Zeta ZTR10

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195/50R16 (BSW) ZT1955016N 320-A-A84 V
205/45R16 XL (BSW) ZT2054516N 320-A-A87 W
205/50R16 (BSW) ZT2055016N 320-A-A87 W
205/55R16 XL (BSW) ZT2055516N 320-A-A94 W
215/55R16 XL (BSW) ZT2155516N 320-A-A98 W
225/50R16 (BSW) ZT2255016N 320-A-A92 W
205/40R17 XL (BSW) ZT2054017N 320-A-A84 W
205/45R17 XL (BSW) ZT2054517N 320-A-A88 W
205/50R17 XL (BSW) ZT2055017N 320-A-A93 W
215/45R17 XL (BSW) ZT2154517N 320-A-A91 W
215/55R17 XL (BSW) ZT2155517N 380-A-A98 W
225/45R17 XL (BSW) ZT2254517N 320-A-A94 W
225/50R17 XL (BSW) ZT2255017N 320-A-A98 W
225/55R17 XL (BSW) ZT2255517N 380-A-A101 W
235/45R17 XL (BSW) ZT2354517N 320-A-A97 W
245/40R17 (BSW) ZT2454017N 320-A-A95 W
245/45R17 XL (BSW) ZT2454517N 320-A-A99 W
245/40R18 XL (BSW) ZT2454018N 320-A-A97 W

Elegant directional pattern, with ultra low profile design for cars with top speeds exceeding rate, and produced in technical series 55-35 and above 16".

  • Optimum balance between extreme performance, comfort, low noise, and outstanding wet grip.
  • Superb road holding and maximum speed of response in any condition of high speed driving, and full range rim protector available.

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