Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Run Flat


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205/45R17 104542 140-A-AW84
205/45R17 BMW 142537 140-A-AV84
205/45R17 BMW 142554 140-A-AW84
205/45R17 (Mazda MX-5) 068621 140-A-AW84
225/45R17 (BMW Z4 Roadster) 119415 140-A-AW91
225/45R17 005237 140-A-AV91
235/45R17 XL (Mercedes) 135635 140-A-AW94
255/40R17 (Mercedes) 135652 140-A-AW94
205/40R18 (Mini Cooper) 096535 140-A-AW82
215/40R18 (BMW 1 Series) 118414 140-A-AY85
225/40R18 (BMW Z4 & 3 Series) 119431 140-A-AW88
225/40RF18 003827 140-A-AW88
225/40RF18 001579 140-A-AW88
225/40R18 XL 001858 140-A-AW92
225/40RF18 023648 140-A-AW88
245/35R18 (BMW 1 Series) 118431 140-A-AY88
245/40R18 (BMW 5-Series) 065918 140-A-AY93
245/40R18 (BMW 04 5-Series) 034077 140-A-AW93
245/45R18 (BMW 04 6-Series) 034094 140-A-AW96
245/45ZR18 (Ferrari 05 612 Scaglietti) 048867 140-A-AY96
255/35RF18 001580 140-A-AW90
255/35RF18 003828 140-A-AW90
255/35R18 (BMW Z4 & 3 Series) 119458 140-A-AW90
255/40R18 (Mercedes) 071800B 140-A-AY95
275/35R18 (BMW 5-Series) 065952 140-A-AY95
275/35R18 (BMW 5 Series) 069352 140-A-AW95
275/40R18 (BMW 04 6-Series) 034111 140-A-AW99
285/35R18 (Mercedes) 071817B 140-A-AY97
225/35R19 XL (BMW 3-Series) 094903 140-A-AY88
245/40ZR19 144968 140-A-AY94
245/40R19 (BMW 04 6-Series F) 034128 140-A-AW94
245/40R19 (Ferrari 612 Scaglietti) 069420 140-A-AY94
255/30R19 XL (BMW 3-Series) 094920 140-A-AY91
275/35R19 (BMW 04 6-Series R) 034145 140-A-AW96
285/40ZR19 (Ferrari 05 612 Scaglietti) 048884 140-A-AY103
285/40ZR19 144985 140-A-AY103
245/35R20 XL 000537 140-A-AY95
245/35R20 (Ferrari 599 GTB) 106684 140-A-AY91
275/30R20 XL 000539 140-A-AY97
305/35R20 (Ferrari 599 GTB) 106701 140-A-AY104

Original equipment on many high-performance vehicles, the Potenza RE050 is built for the pleasure of driving. This tire comes loaded with race-proven technology: UNI-T for outstanding wet and dry traction, a tread pattern that promotes rapid water evacuation, variable dimensions in the tread blocks, and the smoother shape to reduce road noise. An asymmetrical pattern in the RE050A tread increases surface contact to enhance acceleration and cornering. Put this Potenza through its paces and discover what ultra-high performance really means.



Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Run Flat
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Indice d'usure

Two summer seasons mostly on highway plus 6 lapping days. Total driven: ~16,000 km. The result: 1) extremely short lifespan - the thread is gone on all 4 tires, hate them for that; 2) both rears were flat (one last summer - fixed, one couple weeks ago - couldn't be fixed), could be just a lot of construction going on in Vancouver BC; 3) sticky tires dry and wet, beating any rear wheel car in the corners, love them for that; 4) noise: I don't care about that; if I wanted a nice 'noise' I would get a large sedan and listen to music while driving; 5) would not buy them again: a) because they are too heavy due to being a RFT, and b) because of short lifespan which combined with highest price makes them non desirable and c) there are other non RFT as good or better tires out there for the similar price.

Size: 215/40R18

Vehicle: 2012 BMW 135i 2 Dr Coupe Base with 16000 KM of Tire Wear

Anonyme made this review on 14/05/2016 and is a Extreme (Racetrack style racing)

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