Cooper Zeon RS3-G1


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205/55R16 90000026218 500-AA-AW91
215/55R16 90000026219 500-AA-AW93
225/50R16 90000026216 500-AA-AW92
225/55R16 90000026290 500-AA-AW95
245/50R16 90000026217 500-AA-AW97
205/45R17 90000026294 500-AA-AW84
205/50R17 XL 90000025095 500-AA-AW93
215/45R17 XL 90000025136 500-AA-AW91
215/50R17 XL 90000026295 500-AA-AW95
215/55R17 XL 90000026296 500-AA-AW98
225/45R17 XL 90000025092 500-AA-AW94
225/50R17 XL 90000025096 500-AA-AW98
235/45R17 90000025093 500-AA-AW94
235/50R17 90000029200 500-AA-AW96
235/55R17 90000025097 500-AA-AW99
245/40R17 90000026291 500-AA-AW91
245/45R17 90000025094 500-AA-AW95
255/40R17 90000026292 500-AA-AW94
275/40R17 90000026293 500-AA-AW98
215/45R18 XL 90000026298 500-AA-AW93
225/40R18 XL 90000025099 500-AA-AW92
225/45R18 XL 90000026299 500-AA-AW95
225/50R18 90000026301 500-AA-AW95
235/40R18 XL 90000026297 500-AA-AW95
235/50R18 90000025142 500-AA-AW97
245/40R18 XL 90000025140 500-AA-AW97
245/45R18 90000025141 500-AA-AW96
245/55R18 90000026303 500-AA-AW103
255/35R18 90000025098 500-AA-AW90
255/45R18 XL 90000026300 500-AA-AW103
275/35R18 90000029201 500-AA-AW95
245/40R19 90000026305 500-AA-AW94
245/45R19 90000025145 500-AA-AW98
255/35R19 XL 90000026304 500-AA-AW96
255/40R19 XL 90000025143 500-AA-AW100
245/40R20 XL 90000025146 500-AA-AW99
245/45R20 XL 90000025144 500-AA-AW103
255/45R20 90000026306 500-AA-AW101
275/40R20 XL 90000025147 500-AA-AW106

Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 is an exciting new all-season passenger car tire for high performance vehicles and drivers. Alongside a sleek race-inspired sidewall, the tire’s tread compound and design deliver a host of leading innovative features to create grip, stability and durability. Whether drivers are on dry pavement, wet pavement or even in light snow conditions, the Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 is truly an all-season tire with performance worthy of the high performance tire category.

  • 3-D Micro-Gauge™ sipes technology used to improve the stability of tread elements providing enhanced handling in wet and dry.
  • Coupled silica tread compound specially formulated to provide maximum dry and wet traction.
  • The unique design of the bead filer component allows for a quick response which provides a better feel for drivers on the road.
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern to grip and provide stability during cornering maneuvers and reduced tire noise.
  • Wear Square™ visual indicator allows you to approximate the tread life remaining in your tires.



Cooper Zeon RS3-G1
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Indice d'usure

Dry traction is superb with these tires, grip at 0-10 degrees Celsius has blown me away. I have driven these tires on spirited roads and have a very hard time trying to put these to their limits as they have more grip then I feel comfortable pushing my car. I knew these tires were all season rated but never expected them to be so good at low temperatures. Also ran these tires in light snow around -4 degrees, and being used to using severe snow rated tires every winter season here in Newfoundland, these tires surprised me with their performance. The car felt stable on the highway doing 100km/h even around turns but I would not push them too hard in the snow. I have not used these tires in a whole lot heavy rain but these handle the ruts in the road well and starting off quickly on wet pavement (front wheel drive) has not been a problem. Coming from having winter tires on before installing these, they are like riding on a cloud and very quiet because they are a soft compound. It's hard for me to say much about treadwear on these as I have only driven about 3000km but I already have 1/32 worn off the front tires and about 1/64 work on the rear so they seem to be wearing faster than other touring category all season tires I have used, but this is to be expected due to my aggressive driving style. For the price I would highly recommend these tires if you're living in an area where the temperature dips below 15 degrees Celsius during their running season, because these tires keep performing as good as summer tires in much lower temperatures.

Size: 225/45R17

Vehicle: 2008 Mazda 3 4 Dr Sedan S 17" option with 3000 KM of Tire Wear

Anonyme made this review on 16/05/2017 and is a Aggressive Driver (Hard Cornering)

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Warranty summary for replacement tires purchased on or after 17/mai/2016

Garantie Treadlife

Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 50,000 miles/25,000 miles**. **Staggered fitments can be defined as different tire sizes on the front and rear axles. Due to the inability to rotate onto different axles, the 20,000/10,000-mile (32,000/16,000 km) warranty applies to the rear tires only.

Garantie d'homogénéité

First 2/32" of wear (1)

Garantie des matériaux de finition

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