Falken Azenis RT615K Plus

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195/60R14 28533443 200-A-AW86
205/50R15 XL 28533077 200-A-AW89
205/40R16 XL 28534903 200-A-AW83
215/45R16 28533766 200-A-AW86
225/50R16 28538495 200-A-AW92
205/40R17 XL 28537988 200-A-AW84
215/40R17 XL 28532497 200-A-AW87
215/45R17 28531437 200-A-AW87
225/45R17 XL 28537258 200-A-AW94
235/40R17 28534447 200-A-AW90
245/45R17 XL 28534124 200-A-AW99
255/40R17 28538003 200-A-AW94
275/40R17 28535983 200-A-AW98
225/40R18 XL 28539564 200-A-AW92
235/40R18 XL 28537681 200-A-AW95
245/40R18 XL 28533881 200-A-AW97
255/40R18 28532104 200-A-AW95
265/35R18 XL 28538247 200-A-AW97
275/35R18 28537737 200-A-AW95
295/40R18 28535059 200-A-AW103
315/30R18 28533615 200-A-AW98

Developed for the maximum performance-minded driver, the AZENIS RT615K+ is derived from the original competition-winning RT615K. The PLUS encompasses an all-new digitally-engineered, nanotech-formulated compound for superior grip and excellent handling. Its confidence inspiring straight line and cornering traits allow drivers to push the limits of their vehicle in safe, closed-course environments, while its street-capable durability and DOT approval allow for street-legal daily use as well. With 21 sizes from 14 to 18-inch rim diameters and a 200 A-A UTQG rating, the AZENIS RT615K+ is the ultimate choice for performance compacts, sports coupes, sports sedans and muscle cars.

  • 4D NANO DESIGN TREAD COMPOUND: provides excellent traction and durability through advanced biomass materials, which helps improve tread flexibility and adhesion while simultaneously reducing polymer heat generation.
  • SOLID CENTER RIB: significantly reduces wheel spin by reducing contact-patch void ratio under heavy acceleration.
  • MASSIVE SPORT SIDE SHOULDER BLOCKS: deliver motorsports-level grip and unsurpassed cornering response.
  • HIGH-TENSION CARCASS: increases handling response and high-speed stability.

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Azenis RT615K Plus

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