Milestar Patagonia A-T

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LT235/75R15 22260025 500-A-BS104
235/75R15 XL 24760009 500-A-BT109
225/75R16 24751001 500-A-BT104
LT225/75R16 22265016 500-A-BS115
235/70R16 24265007 500-A-BT106
LT235/85R16 22270037 500-A-BS120
245/70R16 24268004 500-A-BT107
LT245/75R16 22275037 500-A-BS120
245/75R16 24768003 500-A-BT111
265/70R16 24272004 500-A-BT112
LT265/75R16 22279032 500-A-BS123
265/75R16 24773001 500-A-BT116
LT285/75R16 22789013 500-A-BQ126
LT235/80R17 22275602 500-A-BS120
245/65R17 24552506 500-A-BT107
245/70R17 24552602 500-A-BT110
LT245/70R17 22269004 500-A-BS119
LT245/75R17 22275502 500-A-BS121
265/65R17 24689004 500-A-BT112
265/70R17 24689203 500-A-BT115
LT265/70R17 22140003 500-A-BS121
LT285/70R17 22688004 500-A-BS121
265/70R18 24689500 500-A-BT114
LT265/70R18 22815000 500-A-BS124
LT275/65R18 22772500 500-A-BS123
275/65R18 24466500 500-A-BT114
LT275/70R18 22689500 500-A-BS125
LT275/65R20 22689303 500-A-BS126
31X10.50R15LT 22285022 500-A-BS109

The Milestar Patagonia A/T offers rugged off-road traction and premium on-road performance. Its unique integrated block design delivers superior grip and handling on a variety of road conditions, while the hybridized tread design provides an uncompromising smooth ride on the highway. Don’t compromise for anything less, ask for a set of Patagonias today! Available in rim diameters 15” – 20”

  • Intergrated tread blocks: Integrated tread block design offers a larger contact patch while still offering an aggressive off-road pattern
  • Alternating Open shoulder: Alternating open shoulder block design provides a biting grip for superior traction on all types of terrain
  • Enhanced Winter Traction: Pinned for studs* allowing optional enhanced winter traction
  • Ribbed Tie Bars: Ribbed tie bars vent heat and add stability by tying together tread blocks

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Patagonia A-T

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