Toyo Observe G3-Ice Studdable

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175/65R14 138050  T82
175/70R14 138030  T84
185/65R14 138060  T86
175/65R15 139130  T84
185/60R15 138170  T84
185/65R15 138070  T88
195/65R15 138010  T91
195/45R16 138280  T84
205/55R16 138110  T91
205/60R16 138100  T92
215/55R16 138230  T93
215/60R16 138180  T95
215/65R16 139010  T98
215/70R16 138370  T100
225/70R16 139000  T107
235/70R16 139330  T106
265/70R16 138530  T112
205/50R17 138270  T89
215/45R17 139190  T87
215/50R17 138130  T91
215/55R17 138120  T98
215/60R17 139030  T100
225/45R17 139200  T91
225/50R17 138140  T94
225/55R17 138240  T101
225/60R17 139050  T103
225/65R17 139320  T106
235/45R17 138150  T94
235/60R17 139360  T106
235/65R17 139020  T108
245/40R17 139260  T95
245/65R17 139350  T107
225/40R18 138330  T92
225/45R18 139210  T95
225/55R18 138420  T102
225/60R18 138190  T104
235/40R18 138340  T95
235/45R18 138300  T98
235/55R18 138490  T104
235/60R18 139070  T107
245/40R18 138350  T97
245/45R18 138310  T100
245/50R18 139180  T100
265/60R18 138410  T114
235/55R19 138430  H105
245/45R19 138320  T102
255/40R19 139270  T100
255/45R19 139230  T104
235/55R20 139170  T105
245/40R20 138470  T99
275/50R22 138450  T111
285/45R22 139100  T114

The Toyo Observe G3-Ice Studdable winter tire is designed for tough winter driving conditions combining excellent winter performance with driving comfort. Equipped with Toyo´s Microbit studless tire technology and an advanced directional tread pattern the Observe G3-Ice Studdable is ready to handle snow, ice or slush and offers superior ride comfort.

  • Improved compound with high levels of silica ensures tread blocks remain flexible at lower temperatures. Silica also helps enhance wet grip and traction.
  • Wide evacuation grooves for efficient evacuation of water, snow or slush.
  • Multi-wave sipes to increase tread block rigidity. Increased sipe density to increase ice traction.
  • Alternating buttress block design helps dig into snow and propel the vehicle through slush or snow rutted roads.
  • V-shaped centre rib with a horizontal Sipe offers stability at higher speeds. V-Shape design improves water or slush drainage. Horizontal sipes improve braking and accelerating.
  • Large u-shaped tread blocks with saw toothed edges designed for added aggressive grip on snow or slush. Saw-toothed edges further improve cornering and braking ability.
  • Gear edge design increases edge effect for better traction during cornering or braking with or without studs installed.
  • Optimized stud hole placement increases scratch effect (road contact) with less studs for better traction and reducing ride noise.
  • Microbit Technology In Compound : Crushed Walnut shells embedded in the tire tread compound dig and bite into the ice surface for improved ice traction.

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Observe G3-Ice Studdable

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