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Extreme Black Tire Dressing - 16 oz. bottle

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WheelWax Extreme Black - The Ultimate Protection for your tires.Ready to use no mixing, no mess. A gloss that rivals any dressing. Provides a long lasting shine. Gives tires the "extreme black" look you want.Extreme Black is a water based tire dressing that won't leave stains on you driveway and won't sling onto your car as you drive after dressing your tires. Extreme Black is long lasting and easy to apply using any cloth covered sponge or rag.Just spray or wipe Extreme Black onto your clean dry tires. Allow Extreme Black time to penetrate for maximum shine and protection. Wipe off any excess with a clean dry towel. Reapply if higher gloss is desired. Use after each vehicle washing for constant maximum shine and protection from the sun's harmful rays.Extreme Black contains no silicone and is safe for use on all plastic and rubber car parts. It is safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.