Payment Options

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diner’s Club)
    • The address must be confirmed by our credit card processor. As some Canadian banks do not comply with the security standards of our credit card processor, the transaction will require a manual verification of the information provided. In this case, we will contact you by phone or email, and request your credit card number. During manual verification, we are NOT charging your card a second time but simply verifying the information with your credit card issuer.

    • If your billing address is a PO Box, please make sure that you provide us with a physical address for delivery.

    • In some cases, we can ship your order to an alternate address (i.e., an address other than the billing address of the credit card).

  • PayPal
    • Must be a VERIFIED PayPal account and we can only ship to a CONFIRMED address on that account.

  • INTERAC payment (Canadian Customers only)
    • When we receive an order with the "chequebymail" (Interac) option chosen, we will send you payment instructions within 24-48 hours.

  • Money Order

    • Please mail money order along with the order information and shipping address.

  • Personal or Company Cheque

    • Please allow us up to 21 days to clear the cheque, before we start to process your order.

  • Money wire

    • The instructions will be emailed to you once we receive your order.

Pricing & Currency

The price displayed is based on your IP address. If you have a Canadian internet provider, the prices will be displayed in Canadian currency. Conversely, if you have a U.S. internet provider, prices will be displayed in U.S. currency. You can verify the displayed currency by checking the small flag that is displayed near the top right hand corner of the page you are viewing. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the border, please contact us and we’ll try to help you.

Most products we sell to US customers are drop-shipped from our U.S. affiliates. On the rare occasions when we do not have a U.S. supplier for the product, our price then comes from a Canadian source and is converted to USD using the current currency exchange rate. As the exchange rate varies, so do the U.S. prices on the products. When you place the order, the price of the product you ordered is recorded in our system and protected from daily fluctuations.

All Canadian orders are shipped from our Vancouver B.C. based warehouse or our Eastern Ontario Hub, and are sourced out in most part from our Canadian Distributors. There are absolutely no duties or brokerage fees added to your order, or charged to you upon delivery.

We do not match prices with our U.S. competitors. As we are a Canadian online retailer, we have a different price structure than our U.S. counterparts. Some of the products that we sell may be cheaper than in the U.S., while others may be more expensive. The difference in pricing is beyond our control. If you see a Canadian online company that advertises a cheaper price, you are welcome to contact us with details. We may match the price, provided that the product is in stock and ready to ship. The product must be shipped from Canada. We will not price match over the phone.

Taxes & Duties

If you are in Canada there are absolutely NO duties or brokerage fees charged on your purchases.

If you live in Canada, you will be charged GST, HST or PST as follows:

  • BC: HST plus the ADF (Advance Disposal Fee) of $5 per tire applies to tire orders.

  • Alberta: GST ; plus the ADS (Advance Disposal Surcharge) of $4 per tire applies to tire orders.

  • Saskatchewan: GST

  • Manitoba: GST


  • Quebec: GST

  • Northwest Territories: GST

  • Yukon: GST

  • Nunavut: GST

  • Newfoundland: HST

  • Prince Edward Island: GST

  • New Brunswick: HST

  • Nova Scotia: HST

All U.S. orders are tax exempt. There are, however, some instances where there will be duty and/or brokerage fees levied on orders entering the U.S. from Canada. In these cases, you will be notified prior to shipping of your order.