For Tires

Tires are covered by a limited manufacturer's quality warranty. Contact your local authorized dealer of your tire’s brand. They are authorized to inspect the tire and determine if a tire is under warranty. You will need your 1010TIRES.COM receipt.

To find an authorized dealer in your area, visit the manufacturer’s website, or call them directly. It is the function of the authorized dealer to assist with tire evaluation and warranty of the product. If the tire(s) you purchased does not have an authorized dealer in your area, we will instruct you to send the defective tire back to us. If we find that the tire is damaged and is warrantable, we will arrange with the manufacturer to replace the tire, as per manufacturer’s pro-rated guidelines. Shipping charges, both ways, are the responsibility of the customer.

If the tire you have sent back for inspection is not covered by warranty, you may purchase a new tire, or we can send the original one back to you. Please note that shipping charges both ways are the responsibility of the customer.

PLEASE NOTE: Tire warranties are pro-rated. You will be charged for the amount of tread that has been used, based on the national adjustment price at the time of the warranty, and most likely a service fee and labor fee.

For Wheels

Wheels are covered by a 1 year limited finish warranty and a lifetime structural warranty. If you suspect that the wheels have a manufacturer’s defect, we will request digital pictures for the manufacturer’s inspection. IF the manufacturer approves the warranty, you will be required to send the wheel back to the manufacturer, or to 1010TIRES.COM, and a replacement wheel will be shipped immediately.

Finish warranty covers defective finish, but is void if there is any evidence of use of wheel cleaners or abrasives, or if the wheel has been driven through harsh winter conditions. See our wheel care instructions

Structural Warranties are limited to defects such as cracks, not caused by road hazards or driver error. This IS NOT a road hazard warranty.

For Tire & Wheel Packages

Tire and wheel packages are mounted and Road Force balanced. If you experience a problem with your tire and wheel package, please contact us and we will try to trouble-shoot the problem, and/or authorize a re-balance if necessary. (Our allowance is $15.00 each)