Lloyd Mats ULTIMAT™ Custom Fit Floor Mats LM6122

SKU: LM6122

Perfect fit, outstanding quality and exceptional durability for your car, truck, SUV, or Mini Van. Lloyd’s Ultimats line of custom fit carpet mats provides everything you want and need from a carpet floor mat.



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The Ultimat material was originally designed for automotive use with comfort, performance and durability in mind. Over 30 years later the Ultimat brand is still the best selling, custom fit logo mat in the automotive aftermarket. Featuring premium two-ply Nylon yarn that is more dense and wear-resistant than OEM carpeting, Ultimats provide great style, function and longevity.


Ultimats are made with two pounds of premium, two-ply nylon yarn in every square yard for soft texture and durability. Ultimats use two strands of twisted, heat set yarn in every carpet tuft, to give greater density and wear resistance.

The multi-layer backing provides stiffness, moisture barrier and strength. Plus every set of Ultimats comes with a factory compatible anchoring system or Lloyd’s mat anchors to keep your mats in place for safe operation of your vehicle.

Ultimats offer over 1000 trademark, lifestyle and personalized embroidered designs and the largest selection of colors in the mat industry. You’ll easily find a color that will match or complement your vehicle interior.

Whether you want a mat for the front, trunk or everything in between Ultimats has it covered.

Ultimats come with a five year warranty.


  • Premium nylon yarn, two-ply 32 oz/yard construction
  • Over 50 OEM factory matched carpet colors
  • Over 10,000 computer designed patterns
  • Four layers of backing
  • TractionBac™ SBR rubber final backing
  • Factory compatible mechanical anchoring devices keep mats in place
  • Over 1000 automotive trademark, Lifestyle and Personalized designs
  • Five year warranty

Manufacturer Info

Lloyd Mats is the industry’s largest aftermarket manufacturer of all makes and models, custom fit carpet logo floor mats for passenger cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.