Tire & Wheel Packages

Wheel and Tire Packages

Take the stress out of choosing the right tires and wheels for your vehicle! Our tire and wheel packages take the guess work out, helping you to quickly find wheels for your vehicle and tires that will fit both your vehicle and the wheel of your choice, guaranteed. All you need to know is the year, make, and model of your vehicle, and in some rare cases, the OEM tire size. Plug-in this information, and take a ride through hundreds of wheel and tire combinations. These results can be further narrowed down by applying multiple, categorized filters.

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Tire & Wheel Packages FAQ's

A tire and wheel package includes FREE mounting and road force balancing. For an additional charge an OPTIONAL Wheel Installation Kit (NUTS or BOLTS) is included in your package, which comes with either nuts or bolts (depending on vehicle), hub centric rings (if applicable) and valve stems. It is also recommended to include TPMS Sensors to your package if your car is equipped with them. You may also want to add wheel locks (also known as lock nuts) to protect your investment from theft.

We securely package your investment in specially cut cardboard, "sandwiching" each tire and wheel assembly between a few layers of foam and cardboard, and strapping it numerous times. We take special care of the face of the wheel, while the tire acts as a shock absorber to the wheel. Then we box this assembly into our standard box (when size permits). We absolutely guarantee that you will receive your tire and wheel package in "one piece"—actually, all 4 pieces, safe and sound.

We highly recommend that you take your package to a professional shop to bolt it onto your vehicle. If you are a mechanically inclined person, and have the right tools for this task (i.e. torque wrench, jack, and jack stands), then go ahead and bolt it by yourself. Just remember to torque each wheel with the correct settings and in the correct lug nut tightening sequence.