Continental ContiSportContact5 SSR 03563810000

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Summer Summer


Specs: 255/35R19XL SSR (MO)
Product Code: 03563810000
UTQG: 280-AA-A
Speed Rating: Y
Load Index: 96
Sidewall: BSW

Availability: Yes

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255/35R19XL SSR (MO) (BSW) 03563810000 280-AA-A96 Y

A premium ultra-high performance summer tire designed to combine short braking distances and solid cornering traction with fuel efficiency and long treadlife.

  • The ContiSportContact™ 5 is Continental™ answer to sports driving enthusiasts desire for a performance tire with strong handling features and powerful traction wouthout sacrificng fuel effiiciency and tread life. The result is a tire which uses Continental™ unique Black Chili™ compound coupled with a special tread design that grips the road mercilessly and holds onto corners with supreme handling.
  • The ContiSportContact™ 5 innate features also assist in shorter braking distances and lower rolling resistance, stopping faster and lasting longer. for the perfomance enthusiast who wants it all , the ContiSportContact™ 5 is the ultimate in balance and precision.

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ContiSportContact5 SSR

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